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 10 Traits Every Social Media Expert Should Have

10 Traits Every Social Media Expert Should Have

Before we jot down all the traits a Social Media Expert should have, let’s check out who a Social Media Expert is.
A Social Media Expert is the one who develops and implements social media strategies, creates brand awareness, generates inbound traffic, encourages the product adoption and also builds on social networks for the company.
Apart from having social media expertise, social media experts should have the following elements incorporated:

1 Active on Discussion Forums.
A social media expert should join communities, forums, blogs which are related to the core industry. The social media expert can get in touch with like-minded people either through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts or through conferences, seminars, etc.
2 Self Motivating
Spend time reading books, articles or any literature related to social media. Should also spend quality time gatherings like conferences, seminars and gain in more knowledge about the subject and catch hold of new trends.
3 Balance Life style
Social Media expert should have a balance of work and life and always be on a verge to do things that can pour in results. The expert should be cautious while maintaining social media accounts on different platforms and should post sensible, fresh and insightful content on the social media sites.
4 Thoughtleadership
Have trendy social media conversations. Do not always run to catch up with your competitors. Try to become the trendsetter. Always say out loud what you are going to post on social web that might give you a better picture of what you are up to. Try and avoid all controversial conversations.
5 Patiences and Thoughtful
Do not rush to have conversations, have patience. First listen to what your target is talking, learn from them, pick ideas from what they are talking and try to build on conversations. Do not write anything you think would be irrelevant to your audience anything that wouldn’t engage them or interest them.
6  Able to connect with People
Try out things that tickle your audience. Make them laugh and they’ll definitely remember you and share your content to their circles. Show them that there’s a human behind the brand. Even if you are a B2B company, see to it that you do not be way too boring.
7 Able to experiment with ideas
Experiment with your social efforts and do encourage others to do the same. Pull everyone in the organization to participate actively in the social media. Have larger goals and work together with all the resources in the organization to form a bigger social network and make them spread the news or updates to their friends and family. Educate them about the social media platforms available and how they can help to grow the company’s brand image using those platforms.
8 Able to build relationships
If organization can provide the data about the social media profiles of customers, social media experts can find out new ways to get in touch with them to have a repeat sales or at least build stronger relationships.
9 Conscious about the brand he/she is promoting
It is fine to make mistakes. After all, no one can learn without making mistakes. Even a social media expert can make mistakes. Just that he cannot make fatal ones that might hit the brand badly.
10 Have a back up plan
Last but not the least, always be ready to face worst situations. Have a Plan-B as a backup plan, just in case something goes wrong. Do not wait for situations to overwhelm you. Act before the need of the hour.
Does your social media expert have all these traits? If not, maybe it’s time either for education or replacement. Remember, social media a way too big thing and you cannot give up on it.

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