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 10 Most Amazing Selfies of 2013

10 Most Amazing Selfies of 2013

self-portrait-91833_640What is a “Selfie”? (Source: Wikipedia)
selfie is a type of self-portrait photographs, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone, and is usually taken in a slightly tilted manner. Selfies are often associated with social networking.
Oxford dictionary announced “Selfie” as the official word of 2013. So, here is a collection of selfies which garnered massive attention from the social media world.

The Scary Selfie

While taking her self-portrait, American sports caster Kelly Nash, had no idea that a base ball is hurling towards her in full speed. But the good news, the baseball missed her by inches so she came out safe.
“Did anyone notice the fear in her eyes as if somebody had shouted ‘Duck’”?
Via Huffington Post

The Out of this World Selfie

Now, this is how you make it big. Space Astronaut, Luca Parmitano clicked his selfie during a space walk. Just imagine the madness, Simply Awesome!
Via Twitter

The Perfect Selfie

This happened when 15 year Old, Valentina requested the singing sensation, Beyonce, to pose with her during a concert, and to her surprise, she obliged.
Now, this is something we term as “Humility” ! Isn’t it?
Valentina / Mashable

The Holy Selfie

Some youngsters got lucky when they pulled out a cute selfie with Pope Francis.
Via Osservatore Romano / Reuters

The Adorable Selfie

Very cute selfie, feat. Chelsea and Hillary Clinton
Image via buzzfeed

The Virtual Selfie

This one is epic – A selfie of a man, who doesn’t exists from Grand Theft Auto!
Image via officialplaystationmagazine

The Not-So flattering Selfie

Social Media world was abuzz when President Barack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a selfie at the memorial service for Late South African president Nelson Mandela.

The Artistic Selfie

Pop singer, Justin Bieber flaunted his “All seeing eye” tattoo to his fans on Instagram
Image Source

The Stylish Selfie

Miley Cyrus surprised her fans by posting her selfie in her new look!
Image via @mileycyrus (Twitter) 

The Bros Selfie

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper in a candid moment, during a Wimbledon match.
Image via Karwai Tang/ Wire Image

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