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 Why do we need to do a social media listening audit?

Why do we need to do a social media listening audit?

Social media listening audit is what you need when you want to treat your audience the way they want to be treated not just the way you want to treat them.
Social media is a two-way communication channel unlike the traditional direct mail or the emails. And above anything else, listening needs to be given the highest priority as you cannot respond to your customers unless and until you listen to them carefully. To know better about what your customers are speaking, you need to have a carefully done social media listening audit from tools like Simplify360.
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Listening to your audience can include checking the replies to your tweets on twitter, comments on facebook, or following your photos on Pinterest, or answering your questions or seeking for an answer on LinkedIn and so on and so forth. You cannot restrict your listening to a specific channel and specific way. There are many ways you can and you need to listen to burgeon in your industry.
These are few things you should be all years for. Listening can include:

1. Where your customers are
2. What channels they are using for communication
3. Who are talking about your brand
4. How are they sharing news
5. What all subjects/topics they are showing interest
6. When are they likely to be engaged
7. What are the highly active social media channels
8. What are the top issues in your industry that people are talking about

By taking up a social media listening audit from Simplify360, you can be sure of a real-time conversation with your customers. When you take up the audit, the listening territory is determined which helps you to narrow don your focus. Along with that, below are few more aspects that you can cognize:
·        Niche audience who are conversing about the services you provide
·        Number of mentions, tweets, retweets, replies, answers, etc. in the last 12 months
·        Trends of the conversation patterns of your brand
·        The geography, age, gender, demographics and behaviour of the audience participating in the conversations
·        Top influencers in your industry
·        The flaws and highlights of your brand
·        The content most of your audience prefer to read
You can also attain a competitor analysis report in order to stay ahead of the competitors in the industry. Based on these trends, the audit also provides you suggestions as to what can be modified and where. So based on your social media strategy, the social media listening audit is done to identify the areas for improvisation. Taking the help of the audit,  you can side-step the risk of spending too much on your those black holes that lead you nowhere in the social media globe.
Though there are few tools that can your give you insights about your brand, if you want a clear and customized plan that is created and works for your brand, you need to choosy while picking social media listening audit tool.
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