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 What is the next big thing in digital media space?

What is the next big thing in digital media space?

Content in the digital media era is enrouting up ways to reach greater heights. Content is now in various formats like articles, white papers, infographics, podcasts, videos, dynamic charts, etc. There are handful of content marketing channels which are not completely utilized by marketers. A whopping 54 percent of marketers are going to increase their expenditure on content marketing. Particularly for marketers aiming at grabbing audience using content, the need for engaging and interactive content is in a preeminent level.
With too many digital media channel overboard, creating content which can suffice all digital channels requirements is a tedious and challenging task. And according to MarketingProfs, more than 77percent of marketers have issue of creating valuable content. With stiff competition in the marketplace, and the content standards increasing day-by-day, consumers’ expectations are multiplying. If you want to reach up to their expectations, here are a few tips…

Create a content strategy:
Create a foolproof content marketing strategy and create content in line with the strategy. Every document should be a step towards achieving content strategy aim. Social media marketing, search marketing and public relations are the three major aspects that are influenced by content. The content formats which work seamlessly for marketing are websites, blogs, social media channels, newsletters, emails, sales letters, marketing letters, etc.
Know reader preferences:
Know your target audience and their preferences. Place yourself in customers’ shoes. You need to know the following thing about customers:
1      The type of content readers would be interested in
2      The information they are looking forward to through your content
3      The impact your content can have on their business or their life
4      The likely time when they read your content
5      The top content channels in which they are reading your content
Content writers along with the content plan should know their target audience and their preferences.
Creating content schedule:
Have a content calendar that can assist you to have clockwork. Have achievable goals keeping in mind target audience. Organize content based on various elements like audience, channels and formats. Have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals separately. Have strategies which are achievable in one year and in one quarter.
Yearly calendar should be a gist of content that can be created every month and what it can achieve in the month. And a quarterly plan should be a plan which is in-detail about the content which has to be delivered every day and the content topics. It should also show the roles and responsibilities of all the content writers and the editors to have a clear view of what is happening in the plan.
Creating engaging and interactive content:
Interactive content is the type of content which is liked by today’s customers and consumers. Interactive content helps to create and maintain great communications. They prove to be of great help in every aspect. Interactive content includes forums, blogs, videos, audio and video sharing, social network content, etc. The advantages of interactive content include increase in web traffic, the time spent by visitors, the conversion rate and uniqueness.
Executing plan meticulously:
Now you have everything to go ahead with your content plan. All you need to do is follow the plan and the content calendar/schedule meticulously. Once you create content and publish, remember to plan everything without fail. Unless and until you have your results, you cannot chalk out ways to improve your plans. Once you know where you are lagging, you can update your content strategies.
Here you go five tactical tips to make your content rock and grab in more leads and convert them fast into deals.
Good Luck with your content marketing!

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