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 How you should respond to your customers on twitter?

How you should respond to your customers on twitter?

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has emerged as a treasure trove for customer service for brands. It is a cost-effective, real time tool which allows a customer to get in touch with the brand straightaway.
However, even now brands fail to respond to the queries posted on their social profiles, and even when they respond, their choice of words and messaging tone leaves the complainant disappointed.
Points to keep in mind while responding to your customer on twitter;

  1. Speak Up – Staying mum after receiving a complaint is not recommended, as it annoys the customer even more, so it’s better to face it.
  2. Escalate the issue to your team not to the customer – When a customer is already annoyed, it is not recommended to tell him to do something
  3. Don’t talk like a automated bot, talk like a human being, thereby showing your concern
  4. The brand’s response should convey that the customer care team is taking action – Talk to the point.
  5. Always close the issue publicly;

Responding to the customer complaints on twitter, tells a lot about the brand – People prefer those brands that are participative and supportive in nature.
Bhupendra Khanal, CEO Simplify360, says that “If a brand has created a profile on a social media platform, like Twitter, then before that the brand should ensure of their prompt response service and should never hesitate to engage with its customers”
Check out this Slideshare from Ashton (Editorial Co-ordinator, Software Advice). You can reach out to him on twitter (@SoftwareAdvice)

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