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 Ten things brands can achieve through social media listening

Ten things brands can achieve through social media listening

It takes five steps for social media listening to deliver the business objectives for an organization.
In the first step, we define the target queries and listen to online conversations about the brand, in the next step we derive consumer insights and evaluate them to check their validity. Once we validate, we craft the social media strategy in line with traditional marketing and mix the two.
Once we have the mix ready, we integrate social conversations into the CRM system to drive impactful conversations which enables cross functional teams to fully engage with the customers and drive business objectives.
The above process if done carefully can yield amazing results for the brand;
Customer Trust – Social Media enables brands to achieve real time feedback and engagement, which makes them swifter in answering to customer queries reflecting a concern towards the consumer, thereby winning their trust over a period of time.
Bridging the communication gap – Social media allows brands to serve relevant content to its customers. Along with content, social media brings in context in the information which reinforces the communication gap between the two parties. Content marketing’s success depends on the premise that “Parsley should not be served where steaks were ordered, Steaks should not be served where parsley was ordered”
Know thy competitor – A good social media monitoring solution will enable the brand to keep a tab on their competitors and to assess what is their brand sentiment and do a comparative study, thus staying ahead at every turn.
Flaunt your achievements using social proof – Social listening will deliver actionable insights on which brands can develop their communication plan. The most crucial part is developing social proof which greatly improves the persuasiveness of the branded content.
Example – 33% of the Men prefer Gillette Razor for a better shaving experience.
Know thy customer – Social media has enabled brands to get a complete overview of the audience demographics, brands are now able to run campaigns targeted at specific segments all because of effectives social media monitoring practices in place.
Predict the avalanche – Before things start to snowball, social media monitoring tools can help predict the brand a potential communication crisis which can occur. Thus, brands are now much aware and more proactive.
Crucial for lead generation – Social listening tools can help the sales team to spot potential business while sifting through relevant online conversations. All the sales reps have to do is to inform, engage and sell. Lead generation is more simplified now.
Tailor your offerings – As we have already mentioned, now brands can track their community and know what are the future expectations customers have from them and thereby including those features in their core offerings,
Content Optimization – Social listening would always help the brand to know the latest trends in content consumption, which will have a direct impact on the content marketing strategy.
Last but not the least,
Social Media ROI – With the help of key metrics brands can measure the ROI of their campaigns. Social media monitoring tools like Simplify360 enables marketers to keep track of impressions, conversions, interactions which is very much important for calculation ROI.
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