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 Swiggy has the “Fastest Response Time” on Social Media

Swiggy has the “Fastest Response Time” on Social Media

The most common phrase used by most youngsters today – out of hunger – is “Let’s order food online”. Brands like Swiggy, Zomato, Holachef, Faasos and more are on a cut-throat competition trying to deliver hot and tasty food to their customers, often fighting to steal the deal by a few more sales. The competition to be ahead doesn’t stop there though, and social media is proof to that. These brands are also competing to be the fastest while responding to customer complaints and queries.
We took a sample of public conversations for each brand, through listening over a defined period of time and derived few interesting insights from the same. Swiggy turned out to be the most popular brand among all cloud kitchen based brands, grabbing the highest share of voice. To complete the whole customer experience cycle, Swiggy also made sure to provide the fastest responses to their customers, which was a common concern among customers.
We observed a huge change in the social activity pattern; brands seem to have moved on from the regular Facebook and Twitter and have dominated their posting activities on Instagram. Like most people are beginning to say and if not all, the food tech brands definitely live by “Instagram is the new Facebook”!
Among the various findings, here are a few interesting ones:

  1. Swiggy leads the social bandwagon with 35% Share of Voice.
  2. People have been talking a lot about the food tech industry over the first quarter, with a distinctive fan growth rate over the month of Feb.
  3. Brands have a great understanding of their customers, as they seemed to have synced their active hours while their customers needed them the most.
  4. And many more…

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