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Social Media Strategy- Amazon

Amazon has social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora, YouTube, Vine, LinkedIn and Google+.
Sentiment analysis
sentiment analysis
Buzz analysis
Buzz share language-wise
Buzz by Gender
Buzz country-wise
Hourly buzz rate
hourly buzz rate
Source Distribution -buzz
source distribution
Content Analysis- Facebook
1. Context based engagement with offers:
Leveraging Oscar Event
On March 1, Amazon asked its fans to like the post and tag a friend. Random selection of winners was done and they got free copy of star trek into darkness and gravity. A week later it again came up with a promotional event where fans were asked to like the page and tell a cure for winter to win energy lights.
content analysis 1

Seasonal Offers- Winter Special
content analysis 2
Percentage of Likes, Shares and Comments
content analysis 3

  • Amazon received decent proportion of likes and shares but relatively lower engagement in the form of comments.
  • Fans liked the product advertised and were ready to share it in their circles as well, which is good news for the company.

2. Event based Marketing (festivals and events based content):
content analysis 4
3. Goodwill based content aimed at building brand equity
content analysis 5
4. Platform for new launches
content analysis 6
5. Customer Relationship Management
content analysis 7
Content Analysis- Twitter
Followers 1.06M, Following 49, Tweets 2882

  • Given the brevity that the platform provides Amazon uses its Twitter account mainly to communicate the fans about various deals, discounts and offers on a day to day basis.
  • Re-tweets are generally aimed at promoting various sub brands like amazon kindle, amazon studios etc.
  • Fans generally use #amazon if and when they are reading books which they bought on amazon.

amazon on twitter 1
1. Platform for deals and offers display
Platform for deals and offers display

2. Recruitment and talent hunt
Amazon uses its Twitter account to posts updates about their job requirements.
Content Analysis- Pinterest
Followers- 7336, Following- 287, Pins- 183, Boards- 22
amazon -pinterest
Content Analysis- Instagram
amaon on instagram

  • Not active on Instagram with just 31 posts
  • Content not relevant

If you decide to ignore the amazon logo at the top of page it would be hard to recognize that it is amazon’s official Instagram page. With just 31 posts that are not indicative of company, amazon can certainly do better.
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