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 Social Media listening Simplified

Social Media listening Simplified

Before you start monitoring conversations on social media platform, you need to prepare a list of keywords/key phrases which you would be monitoring.
Once you are ready with your priority key phrases, you can start the activity in the following simple steps. Also, if you’re looking for deep insights then you got to have a tool which can slice and dice large volume of online conversations for you.
Also, people often get fascinated by graphs and numbers – But the real value of monitoring lies in the story behind the conversations, so always be on the lookout for knowing the real reason behind the conversation.
What you can do on major social media platforms?

  1. Quora conversations – Go to Quora and search for relevant key phrases which would not only help you in engaging with other people but can also act as an excellent lead generations source,
  2. Twitter conversations – This is the holy grail for marketers and especially those who are working in B2B setups. Using a social media monitoring tool like Simplify360 you can easily find out the influencers relevant to your interest and hence tailor your content in order to engage with them,
  3. LinkedIn Groups – One can’t afford to skip the largest network of professionals when it comes to monitoring. Participate in relevant groups and give answers to questions every day that will help your brand and as well will increase your influence in the network which is inevitable for networking opportunities.
  4. Related Blogs – Always keep a tab on the blogs/forums related to your business, as sometimes they play important role in increasing your brand visibility.

Though, these days many organizations buy social listening tools for tracking the relevant conversations but there are few things which needs to be taken care of while taking the plunge;

  1. Buy the right social media monitoring solution – Before selecting the social listening solution for your organizations, you need to think of every need (current and future) which the tool should be able to fulfil.
  2. Train your staff – Many PR/marketing team do not have the skill set to use an analytical tool properly, so they need to be well accustomed with all the features and capabilities,
  3. Know your keywords – Creating right queries for your social monitoring dashboard would help you to get the relevant data or the data will be of no use
  4. Benchmark – Create benchmarks before you start monitoring the data, for your own brand and as well as for your competitors so that you can track the progress of your social media monitoring activity.

**Let me know what you think about must follow methods in social media monitoring, in the comment box below