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 Why Your Social Media Monitoring approach never works the way you have planned.

Why Your Social Media Monitoring approach never works the way you have planned.

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Sometimes your tool just doesn’t seem to get you.

Social media monitoring tools have all but established a firm stronghold in the world of today. With millions of metrics like Likes, Tweets, Comment Threads and Positive/Negative Buzz flowing across the internet, Monitoring was and is the answer so many companies were looking for. In fact, monitoring is booming with billions of dollars being pumped into several companies across the world.
You’ve seen the trend. You’ve struck while the iron is hot. You’ve ticked all the boxes that you needed to.
Then where is it all going wrong?
Here are a few mistakes you might’ve made along the way and we’re here to help plug the leaks.
Don’t mistake software for strategy: Real Time Alerts, Dashboards and Insights can only take you so far. Build a strategy around your monitoring tool.
No integration, no party: Don’t settle for half-baked tools that will report to you over a specific campaign. Make sure your tool is integrated with all social platforms, completely.
Measure relationships before you measure sales: Likes, Tweets, Posts and Comments have value because they measure our relationship with brands. They determine our behaviors and actions which eventually translate into sales. Measurement tools hold significant value when they correlate between these areas.
Tools give you Data, People give you Insights: Your tools can give you all the data in the world; however, you need people to trim the fat and serve you exactly what you need. If you don’t, you’re left with bucket loads of data that you don’t understand.
More is always less: Like we said, trim the fat. Use only what you require. This will give you more specific insights.
Ultimately Social Media Monitoring requires you to bring your tool as well as your people skills together to form one devastating force. For more information on how to better your Social Media Monitoring, keep it locked to Simplify360.