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 Social media KPI's your client is interested in

Social media KPI's your client is interested in

Is your social media campaign driving expected results- the ROI? How would you define the success of your efforts?
No bonus if you answer KPI.
Quantifying results and measuring your success is what KPI does.
Here are some of the KPI’s you must always keep a check on:
1. Reach
a) Number of fans and followers- Keeping a measure on who your post is reaching to.
b) Demographic analysis- Keeping a check on who is interested in your content, if it is reaching out to the right audience or not. This analysis will be helpful in creating targeted posts for future.
2. Engagement
a) Your active fans and followers.
b) Number of likes and shares you receive.
c) Your brand mentions and Re-tweets.
d) No. of views you drive.
e) Amount of traffic driven from social media.
f) Competitive analysis with your competitors to keep a check on where you stand.
g) Buzz generated on hashtags used.
3. Influence
a) Your fans growth trend.
b) Influence and engagement trend
c) Identify brand influencers and use as your brand advocates.
d) Sentiment analysis to see how your brand is being perceived by your audience.
4. Social media conversion rate
a) Number of leads generated from social media
b) Website pageviews through your content.
c) Unique visitors driven on your website through social media
d) Traffic driven from social networking sites

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