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 Social Media Guide for Sales professionals

Social Media Guide for Sales professionals

The biggest mistake that most sales professionals make when accessing social media channels is treating social media network as a prospecting database or a lead generation platform. Though there is plenty of information, preferences, so on and so forth on the social media channels, you sales professionals ought to understand that social media is not a channel to hit on for sales. However, having a systematic and smart approach can make it viable. In this social media guide, we would like to tell you some tips that would help sales professionals to go places on the social networks.

Be active on social networks:
There are most sales professionals, especially B2B, who think that LinkedIn is the only social network that they would need to get in touch with businesses. What they do not realise is that twitter is another big chance to grab real people who have dollars. So start along with creating twitter accounts and build on it by getting connected to sales reps, prospects, customers, etc. Other than twitter and LinkedIn, blogs and forums related to the niche industry are where top guns check out to avail products and services that fit their bills.
Acquire social contacts:
Have more fields added to your database so that you get good hold of people through twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, facebook profiles, etc. along with the traditional direct mail, email and telephone. Instead of relying on the cliché cold calling, getting in touch those contacts over the social media will increase your chances of getting more deals closed.
Ask for referrals:
Referrals play a great role in social networking. As a sales professional if you do not cognize the importance of referrals and networking, you can build business on the virtual social globe. Sales professionals need to get connected to gather info and grab opportunities. By sharing thought leadership content and helping people in your circle people will reciprocate and give you referrals so that you can meet people who are ready to buy your stuff. However, remember that this is not what you do once in a month or two, it has to be your daily routine to build trust.
Learn new things:
Social media is more like fashion, it keeps changing every passing day. So if you want to win real good money, you need to keep yourself updated with the trends. Check out social media news. Do not forget to visit our blog for recent updates and changes to social networks.
Be friends with competitors:
Do not try to beat the competitors; be friends with them. No one wins or loses at social media. To make people believe about you, you need to build trust and credibility. What best way can you have other than your competitors speaking all positive about you!
So, here you have these expert tips in our social media guide to take you through the rough paths of social media big waves. Stay with it and cut through it in a smart and subtle way to get good deals.

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