Social Media Celebrates Akshaya Tritiya with over 3.4K Mentions

An important date in the Hindu Calender, Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated as an auspicious occasion to make new beginnings. Whether it is investing in a particular endeavor or it is about starting a new phase of life, this festival represents success to such undertakings. The day is also considered a good day to buy gold. This is mainly because it is believed that any monetary investment made on this day shall result in profits.
According to Hindu mythological beliefs, the sun and the moon is considered to be in exaltation on the third day of Vaishakh month(April-May). This happens only once a year and hence it is believed to bring happiness and prosperity if one makes investments on this day. It is one of the most widely celebrated occasions in India and hence it’s reach has not been limited to the offline space.
Here’s a look at how “Akshaya Tritiya” was celebrated on various Social Media channels:
Akshaya Tritiya-1

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