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Social CRM Benchmarking: Brand Innovations

Every brand is trying to make a mark on social media by innovating endless ways to make their customers happy. This ranges from simply providing faster solutions for customer issues to being creative and coming up with offers or freebies for the customers. The fever of providing great customer service to achieve customer delight is a worldwide spread and every brand is trying to step up their game by doing something innovative. Here are a few examples of how brands have been successful in keeping their customers happy, irrespective of the brand’s mistake or otherwise.
Here’s a list of brands who have gone one step ahead in keeping their customer happy:
1. Samsung: Gifts are Always Exciting
One of Samsung’s loyal customer took a chance with his favorite brand and asked Samsung to send him one of their “soon to launch” phones and added a drawing of a fire breathing dragon to add a “pretty please” effect to it. Samsung initially said no however appreciated his effort by drawing him a unicycle riding kangaroo cartoon. The customer clubbed both the posts and shared it on Reddit, which later went viral. Samsung eventually sent him the phone and customized it with his fire breathing dragon cartoon. Isn’t that cool?!

2. Morton’s Steakhouse: Surprise! Surprise!
One of Morton’s Steakhouse lover, Peter Shankman, wouldn’t have expected his joke to become reality until he experienced it. While waiting for his flight to take off from Florida, he played his luck by tweeting to Morton’s asking them to deliver a steak when he arrived at Newark airport.
To his surprise, while walking over to his car at the airport, he found a full steak meal waiting for him, without a bill! After the surprise, Peter took to social media to express his delight following which people with similar experiences also started tweeting about their experiences. It was indeed a commendable job done by Morton’s team considering the effort of noticing the tweet, getting an approval to deliver a free meal and assigning a delivery executive to reach the meal on time, all within a time frame of just 3 hours! Now that’s some great customer service.

3. JetBlue: Shed a Tear with your Customer
JetBlue made “Thanksgiving” beautiful for their customer Esaí Vélez, who was clearly disappointed by the static screen he had to look at during his four-hour long flight. However, when he did tweet about it, simply expressing his disappointment, JetBlue decided to compensate for their mistake. After confirming a few details, he received a refund for the same. What’s interesting is that the whole incident took a total of 23 minutes! That’s some absolutely brilliant service.

4. Royal Dutch Airlines – Jet Fast Responses
Airlines generally receive a lot of complaints and queries, considering the kind of service industry they are into. However, even with so much pressure of maintaining a positive brand name, airline companies like Royal Dutch airlines shows us how to keep their customers happy. They innovate by displaying their average response time on their social pages, and lives up to it. This airlines company makes sure they resolve issues within the displayed time. They are clearly showing the world how to do customer service right!

5. OlaCabs and OyoRooms: Empathize and win hearts!
Indian brands are not staying behind in the race as well. Famous Indian app based cab service provider, Ola Cabs recently picked up on one of the conversations and melt our hearts away with a beautiful giveaway. One person on twitter mentioned about his group of hearing impaired friend’s looking to take a trip to a nearby destination and generally tweeted asking if any cab services would offer help. Ola Cabs, instantly came back with offering them a free ride to and fro. This was also followed by another travel stay booking website OyoyRooms, offering a free stay for the group. This was a perfect way to show the humane side of the brand as well as gaining some positive branding, while competitor brands receive much humiliation.

Although every brand is trying to do their best at providing social customer support, using various tools and the like, some brands clearly stand out, due to faster response and creativity!