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Simplify360 Upgrades Its Campaign, Workflow and Data Access Features

We are constantly upgrading our tool to suit the newer market developments and requirements. This time over, we have added a number of features to simplify the complicated marketing and workflow related processes. Three key areas that have undergone multiple changes are the campaign module, the workflow module and the data access module.
The new adaptations in the campaign module will make effective and efficient marketing extremely simple. With influencer/fan segmentation automated, it gets easier to identify and prioritize messages according to the need of the hour and practice target marketing. The platform has also been enabled with a campaign scheduler and an improved campaign dashboard for easy reference. Among the newest features, now videos can be uploaded directly through the platform on social media channels like YouTube and Facebook.
Simplify360’s workflow module has also undergone number of changes and now facilitates better CRM through systematic case mapping and automated routing. This avoids confusion among the customer service agents and also allows performing multiple actions like replying and assigning/ closing/following with a single action. The platform is now facilitated with a new item called “softclose” which allows momentary closure of cases and the option to re-open them when needed.
The upgraded platform also allows filtration of response templates. This is coupled with the new notifications bar which provides quicker access to important notifications. Another important feature which has been updated is the ability to reply to mentions/comments with DM and Inbox messages directly. The reply section has also been activated with a spell check option for correct and better impact with the right usage of language. It has also been enabled with a new feature based on hierarchy, which allows approval and assignment of cases based on the pre decided hierarchy.
Enrich you existing social data using the interesting features, the platform has to offer. Reach a desired message by boiling down the search option to a stricter time frame of hours/minutes for specified replying. The platform now also allows manual addition of social data which is otherwise untraceable.
Some of the other advanced features include easy download of facebook insights data in excel formats, capturing customer details published on other discussion forums/blogs other than Facebook and Twitter. With the new features in place, data visualization has been made user defined by allowing addition of notes (annotations) to the graphs on summary dashboard for reference.
With these new and striking features, Simplify360 is a platform which is now equipped to make all tasks related to marketing, CRM and analytics simpler and more detailed.

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