Ever wondered how simple life would be if you could access all your social profiles from a single window? A lot of Social Listening tools provide the listening capability but not in its entirety. With Google Play and WeChat profile tracking and listening capabilities being introduced, Simplify360 now allows you to manage all your social channels with ease.

This new addition incorporates a step by step authentication process of your Google Play account and further enables response management on the app without navigating, to and fro between the app interface and Simplify360. Once the authentication process is completed, you can view your Google Play reviews from the same location as all other social channels on the messages section. You can also respond to these messages by following the usual process. With this new feature, you can view the reviews and the ratings from your customers as well as respond to them directly from the platform.
We have incorporated a similar approach for WeChat, allowing easy step by step authentication following which all messages designated to the authenticated account will be tracked by Simplify360 and registered as cases. Response to these messages can be sent from Listen as well as Unibox section of Simplify360.
1. AUTO PUBLIC RESPONSE: This new feature ensures reduced work while fetching you a clean chit when it comes to measuring a brand’s responsiveness on Twitter. Enabling this feature allows you to post an auto response to people who have complained on your public platform, however the conversation has been driven to private messages. Posting an acknowledgement is option and can be configured according to your need.
2. QUICK RESPONSE ON TWITTER: The latest update from twitter enables faster customer service through the incorporation of their new feature around quick questions. This feature allows brands to introduce short and direct questions to the direct message section, prompting customers to choose questions from the list provided. Take a look at the screenshots below to understand the process.


We have brought about many other, new features and made many changes to the old formats to enhance your experience with Simplify360. Take a look at the complete list of changes to understand the same better. Get in touch with our sales team to understand the changes or take a tour of our product.