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Too many brand mentions, unorganized brand data and multiple actions on various posts leaving you confused? How about we tell you, we have created a dashboard which lets you visualize all your brand posts and their performance in an organised manner!

Simplify360 announces the arrival of it’s all new brand post analysis dashboard which enables you to make comparisons between the various posts made on your social channels. This feature is now available for posts made on Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. This feature is specifically designed to enhance your marketing initiatives, allowing you to measure the form of content which worked better than the rest. It also provides you an insight into the regions, the kind of audience and the types of reactions you received on your posts. The new feature will also enable you to get a better understanding of your social campaigns, enabling you to understand when and which campaign segment worked best, along with easy access to the audience who were a part of your campaign. Now ain’t that cool?

Do you ever wish that you didn’t have to go back and forth between your dashboard and email to check for updates? Simplify360’s new email workflow update attaches all email comments on workflow actions (eg, assign, reassign, etc.) as a note. The workflow process also been simplified for the agents, by enabling easy portability of case history using a single click. Instead of writing a long format email, and constantly swapping between screens, you can do it all from a single screen.
Other Interesting Updates:
1. Smoother data filtration, with options to download not just parent tags but even child tags, allowing easy division of messages based on the desired tags. This is a great add on for ORM and analytics, to get deeper insights.
2. Innovation in response management for Facebook page, now allows responding to fans via inbox messages, directly from the “Listen Section” or “Unibox”. This allows reducing negativity on the page and engaging with each customer personally (well almost) while building customer loyalty.
3. We’ve also worked on easing the filtration process for you. If you are someone who doesn’t like to deal with those long and boring excel files, we have news! You can now filter messages based on the type of message. For example, is it a page post, a comment, a group post or an InMail and more. Get the right data at the right place, served at the click of a button.
Take a look at the complete list of changes to understand the same better. Get in touch with our sales team to understand the changes or take a tour of our product.

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