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Simplify360 Brings Social Media + Big Data Analytics in Cloud into Brazilian Market

Bangalore, India, May 27st, 2013: Simplify360 Inc., a leading social business intelligence firm, announces its entry into the Brazilian market with WebSIA, Brazil as a strategic business partner.
The company has launched the Brazilian version of its website site followed by an Analytics Engine in the local language. It has become one of the few global tools providing Sentiment Analytics in Portuguese and Spanish.
On the occasion, Bhupendra Khanal (CEO, Simplify360) said “Brazil has a very large and one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. In a vast market such as Brazil it is vital for brands to keep track of social conversations and understand the consumer mindset. Enterprises, media agencies and SMBs can now avail best-in-class Simplify360 social media analytics support for the local market. We are sure that our partnership with WebSIA will complement the aggression and quality that we stand for.” “It was very challenging for us to program the tool to understand and interpret data from unique languages like Spanish and Portuguese, in doing so we are proud to say that we are the first ones in the world to develop a tool that understands local sentiments.” He added.
According Orlando Paulo Santos (CEO, WebSIA), “Social mobility in Brazil moved more than 50 million of new consumers to the market place expanding middle class to more than 100 million people. Events like World Cup and Olympics are leveraging local businesses to new scenario that boosts revenues and profitability.
Simplify360 has a presence in the United States, India, The Netherlands, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Besides English, the tool also provides its Sentiment Analyzer in Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese(Cantonese & Mandarin), Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.
About Simplify360
Simplify360, is a leading social business intelligence company. The company has physical presence in India and US, and have partners in APAC and Europe. The product is sold in over 100 countries directly or through partners.
Simplify360 provides integrated enterprise solutions; their latest offerings are Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs and Social Command Center for Enterprises. It enables businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis.
Simplify360 is the fastest growing company in the industry and is invested by Amvensys Capital Group LLC, Atlanta, GA. The company is advised by renowned Analytics Professionals like James Taylor, Author of the book – Smart Enough Systems- and CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and Anunay Gupta, Ex-VP Analytics Citibank and COO for Marketelligent.
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About WebSIA
WebSIA was created in 2003 and holds expertise and intelligence on how to enable innovation, enterprise business architecture, mass services and solutions in viral and neural wholesale or e-commerce, with advanced technologies, in the model “SaaS” (Software as a Service).
It operates in niche markets, as a distributor and a developer in projects and management focused on Full Service Solutions, where expertise and taste for innovation merge and require business sense focused on optimizing processes, reducing costs and generating new revenues.
It uses the concept called “MBS – Mashup Business Strategies” that applies in WebSIA interactive portal as a One Stop Shop in which it offers WebSIAlive services and solutions that are convergent, integrated and available in the same environment.
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