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Simplify360 announces Simplify360 Franchise Module for US

Bangalore 14th July, 2012: Simplify360 latest deployment focuses on the fastest growing market in the world – franchises. Offering a module that has some truly special advantages for franchise companies who face a unique challenge when it comes to instituting a social media strategy for their brand, Simplify360 Franchise Module allows franchise companies to not only manage the company brand, but also monitor and manage an unlimited number of franchisee social media profiles simultaneously.

Naren Duvvuru, EVP and Head of the Americas for Simplify360 states: “To the best of our  knowledge we have the only platform capable of monitoring social media profiles that clients do not have administrative access for.” Mr. Duvvuru added that many franchise companies are not permitting their franchise location owners to have and/or manage individual location profiles for their businesses. This is due to the fact that many are finding the task overwhelming. Franchisees, as you can imagine, get very busy running their locations, and attempting to monitor or manage just one social media profile becomes a 24-hour, 7 day a week ‘complaint box.’ If this is not managed properly, the franchise and brand can really ‘lose points’ with the public’s perception, acceptance and belief in the company. So rather than play ‘babysitter,’ many franchisors have decided against allowing franchisees to have and manage their own profiles. But, for those companies that have chosen not to allow their franchise locations to have their own profiles on Facebook and other social media platforms – there is also a downside.

For franchise companies it’s imperative to implement a social media strategy and campaign where they can both manage and leverage information for the benefit of their brand and their franchise owners. With tools like Simplify360 Franchise Module, these businesses will be able to handle the ever-expanding social media experience without ever losing control of their brand!

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