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 RTI Act- The Power of Information

RTI Act- The Power of Information

The RTI act, which was introduced in 2005, brought about a major change in the economy of India. Now, the power lay in the hands of the common people. This was solely done to bring about more transparency in the government endeavors and also facilitate a corruption free country.
With the power of RTI in handy, the common people could easily access information related to various departments of the government without any hidden concerns, allowing them to stay aware about what is going on in the system. It has also helped speed up the process of government organisation functioning.
However, how much this has been able to curb corruption is still a question. Therefore from time to time, RTI is filed against the ruling government to find out about various scams, researches, missions and more. Of late the Modi government had been under the scrutiny of RTI slammed by the opposing party. Here’s a look at how people reacted to this on social media.
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