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 #RGforNetNeutrality Hits Over 12K Mentions in 1 Day

#RGforNetNeutrality Hits Over 12K Mentions in 1 Day

Over the past few weeks we have observed a serious fight on the online as well as the offline space for the freedom of internet usage. The fight for right to access knowledge and access freedom of speech on various internet platforms has reached its boiling point. With telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone deciding on removing access to use all apps equally, without having to pay for them, has led to this huge rage in support of net neutrality. This sure stands as yet another way to loot more money from the users and hence, this has led to a huge protest on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.
With so many people talking about this serious issue, the government has not stayed behind in raising the topic as well. Rahul Gandhi, the Chairperson of Indian Youth Congress,  picking up the topic as one of concern has led to increase in the fire and excited a lot more people to talk about the same. We conducted a social media analysis of this and the results we found were amazing.
Take a look at the infograph below to get a better picture of Net Neutrality in India at the present point of time: 

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