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 Quora Vs LinkedIn: Which platform makes more sense for CXO's to be present on?

Quora Vs LinkedIn: Which platform makes more sense for CXO's to be present on?

Since the launch of Quora and LinkedIn, both had high-profile influential people as members. While Tim O’Reilly, Steve Case, Ashton Kutcher and Mark Zuckerberg are members of Quora, Barack Obama and Bill Gates are on LinkedIn. There are even individuals who are members of both the channels. Quora and LinkedIn are both information sharing social media channels and they require members who are active participants.

About LinkedIn:  
LinkedIn is a social media networking channel where over 200 million users with professional job profiles from over 200 countries and territories network and build connections. The social network was founded in December 2002 by Jeff Weiner and launched in May 2003. Reid Hoffman is the now CEO of LinkedIn. LinkedIn unlike other social networks which are created for fun and getting connected with friends and family, LinkedIn is a social network which can help in career growth. It is a network which gets people from the similar career backgrounds together and share information and improving career growth opportunities.
About Quora:
Quora is a website where users create questions and answers and also have the access to edit them. It also falls under the category of social networking sites as people have the access follow friends and their activity. Quora was founded by ex-employees of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. The network has over 5 million users.
The Difference:
The major difference between Quora and LinkedIn networks is that Quora can be called as a subset of LinkedIn. This is because while Quora is about users asking questions and giving answers, LinkedIn has the question and answers portal as a part of it. But the unique aspect of Quora is that users on Quora can give ranking to questions and can upvote or downvote an answer depending on its relevancy to the question. LinkedIn is a complete social media network, where people can get connected to users.
For obvious reasons, LinkedIn is the preferred social media network for a CXO to be on. The reasons include having more users, catering to a wide niche, having easy and more ways to get connected to people, comprehending the skills of users, gauging the buyer/competitors profiles, the access provided by the pro version, so on and so forth.
For all the reasons, LinkedIn is a network every chief executive officer to have an account. And now LinkedIn users would not even miss the opportunity of having their questions answered as LinkedIn is planning to integrate Quora with its network. So CXOs need not miss on anything, neither do they have to choose or pick.

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