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 Quick Tips About Customer Experience Sustainability

Quick Tips About Customer Experience Sustainability

So far, we have discussed about bettering customer experience from the perspective of providing faster and relevant customer service, through various channels both online and offline. In fact, customer satisfaction, for the longest time has been associated with whether a complaint/query raised by the customer or prospect has been provided with a solution within the expected time. What brands fail to understand is that customer experience is actually based on the entire journey – from the time a customer gets to know about you till they leave making a happy purchase with no complaints or regrets.
The easiest way to achieve customer sustainability is by making your brand dynamic and providing your customers with that the need of the hour is. Every brand should try to solve a problem that the society is facing in today’s date, something innovative and new to the world. This will always keep you popular among your customers as the brand which innovates. A classic example for this is the growing concern towards global warming and the need for a greener planet. Brands which use biodegradable substances or who have strong CSR goals aimed at cleaning the planet seem to have garnered a better response from the customers over the others. In fact, if your products come with an environment friendly tag, people are even ready to pay higher yet choose you over others.
What else adds to a great customer experience?
Depending on the kind of business you are into, great customer service is (to an extent) directly proportional to your return policies. With a booming e commerce industry, the first thing that most people check before making an online purchase is the return/exchange policy of the brand. In fact, brands which do not provide return options record much lower sale.
Although a brand should have strong and easy return policies, lesser the number of returns better is the performance. Every return made is a sign of something that has gone wrong or needs improvement, which doesn’t really end up being an add to good customer experience. In fact, brands who come with an option to try before purchase (even online brands) are the ones who excel in this field.
Convenience is key
Technology is constantly advancing and newer products are being introduced every day, same is the case with fashion trends. The best way to keep your customers engaged constantly is to provide trade in options. Newer startups like offering selling used fashion is what people need in today’s date. Also, options to exchange products, offered by online stores like or is also a hit among today’s purchasing crowd. This is a wonderful way to gain your customers confidence allowing them a gateway to reach you whenever they want to. This adds a great deal to customer satisfaction considering the convenience of shopping you are offering them.
Make your customers feel important
Your customers have opinions, they would like it if they knew you are listening to them. A well promoted discussion forum is the best way to achieve this. Dedicate this space towards allowing customers to pin down their ideas around what they expect from the brand or what spheres need improvement or even innovative idea suggestions. These can be analysed and the changes that the brand brings in based on the discussions, they can acknowledge their customers for the help. This helps your customers feel important and add innovation to your brand. The only image you will depict through this is “the friendly brand”!
Spare some time for CSR
Brands who care about the world, the world cares about them as well. CSR should be every company’s initiative. Giving back to the society gives a human feel to the brand and customers tend to trust such brands more than others. Also, it is important to let your people know, as well as allow them to collaborate with your CSR activities. Sustainable customer experience depends purely on activities that are sustainable as well. CSR is something that a brand carries out for a longer duration of time, allowing enough time for customers to observe and believe.
While providing great customer service remains the crux of achieving better customer satisfaction rate, a lot of other factors add to the list.