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OLA: The safest and Most Favored Cab Aggregator in India

Lately the battle between the two radio cab giants, Ola and Uber has reached greater heights. While they continue to race to reach the top, only one can be the real winner. Mind you, this is not the case just on the streets, the same has been reflected on various social media channels as well. These cab companies have managed to garner a huge fan base, and we took a look at who is performing better online.
Clearly, the race is being won by Ola in various aspects. It is the most trusted and considered the safest cab aggregator which is closely followed by TaxiForSure. The Delhi Uber rape case aftereffects seem to have not faded away as yet! Although Uber has a large fan base on facebook, the same might be attributed to its international presence as well. Ola on the other hand still receives a staggering win on Twitter by becoming the most followed cab service.
Take a look at the infograph below to understand the online scenario of the most preferred cab services in India.

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