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 New Simplify360 menu UI unveiled

New Simplify360 menu UI unveiled

We have been adding lots of new features and modules to Simplify360. But this is the first major UI update since the launch of Simplify360 on 2011. We have been busy talking to our existing clients and understanding more on how this new age social media software should shape itself. And this change is only the beginning of our visionary product road-map. We have more interesting updates and changes in the pipeline.

If you look at the new changes, you will notice that we have tried to make it simple and easy for users to navigate our system. We have received lots of feedback on the navigation and accessing the right module. Now its much more simpler with better communication and design.

Please find the image below to see what new changes we have made on our menu UI.


Notification Center

We have launched a new notification center UI which makes it easier to view all the latest notices in one go.

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