Modi’s interview with Fareed Zakaria goes big on social media

The exclusive CNN interview of Fareed Zakaria and Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was remarkable on so many lines. One of them being a statement of Fareed Zakaria when he quoted that ‘He underestimated Modi’.
Let’s have a look at how this incident created an impact on social media:
The most discussed topics were on China, Democracy, Woman and Muslims with an overall 54% positive opinion, 43% neutral and only 2.8% negative.
There were over 1.4K discussions on the hashtag, #Modiinterview and another 12K on #TheModiInterview. 96%  of these conversations were in English and only 2% in Hindi, followed by Dutch, Indonesian and French.
65% of the buzz was generated from India, 11% from US followed by UK with 4% and UAE with 3.5%.
87% of conversations were driven by males and only around 13% by females.
Twitter once again was the preferred medium for communication followed by Facebook.

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