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 Meet An All New Flickr

Meet An All New Flickr

Flickr too has now joined the innovation spree. Yahoo! just announced that Flickr will now be much bigger, more spectacular and it would be something which you can take anywhere.
Some Spectacular Features in the all new Flickr :-
A) 1 TB Free Space
Yes, you heard it right. Flickr users will now be given 1 terabyte free storage space, so that they can save their photos in the original qualities without any restriction of pixels and picture quality.
That seems to be a great feature, with visual content marketing in demand, this feature can greatly increase the migration of users from other social platforms who thrive on visual content.
B) Flickr gets a seamless layout and a new activity feed
Flickr looks more social now. With a new activity feed, which enables users to see recent uploads by their friends and activity happening in all your photos, Flickr has raised its level of sharing between the users by enabling interactions right on the page.
Flickr profile is now equipped with a high-resolution profile picture of the user along with a customizable cover photo. Also, the all new photostream layout is wonderful to look at.
C) Slideshow Mode
Now users can just lean back and enjoy all their collections by enabling the newly introduced slideshow mode. Flickr is the first photo sharing platform to introduce Slideshow mode, if we compare to Pinterest and WeHeartIt.
D) After iOS, the all new Flickr App now available on Google Play Store
Flickr is also now available on Android phones with its all new swanky and cool layout.
With all these new and super cool features, Flickr looks all set to compete with the ever growing visual content machines like Pinterest and WeHeartIt.

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