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 Manage Your Anger in 10 Simple Ways

Manage Your Anger in 10 Simple Ways

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‘Every time you get angry, you poison your own system.’ – Alfred A. Montapert
Be it professional or personal life, if anger is not controlled at the right time, it can lead to things for which you might regret all your life!
In the professional world, getting angry only means losing out on your business, people, your peers and even clients, which can prove to be hazardous to your career as well.
So whenever angry follow these 10 simple steps:
1)      Take a deep breath and count till 50: Do not speak when you are too angry instead take a deep breath and count till 50. This is one of the most common techniques.
2)      Drink Water: This helps to calm down your systems internally.
3)      Think of the person who makes you smile: This helps to divert your mind and brings in positive energy.
4)      Listen to music:  As they say, ‘Music is the best therapy’. Just put on your earphones and unwind.
5)      Talk to yourself: If you feel the above steps aren’t working then talking to yourself could be the thing for you. It works most of the time and helps vent out the anger inside you.
6)      Read: Be it newspaper, magazine, articles available online, just anything. This is to shift your focus and keeping your mid engaged in something else.
7)      Make an anthem: This might sound crazy but it works most of the time. Find out with which song you can identify yourself and something which helps you cheer up. This is totally up to you.
8)      Play Angry birds: One of the best ways to release anger is by playing games. Angry birds is one of them, you could try Counter strike or other strategy games as well. The main aim here is to take you out of the real world for a while.
9)      Step Out: When things get out of control stepping out and spending some time alone could help. Go out for a walk, calm down and relax.
10)   Practice Yoga: Yoga is an excellent practice not only to control anger and emotions but for an overall well being.
Once you think that your anger has mellowed down, you know it is the time when you can go and talk to the concerned person and communicate.
Remember communication is very important but only when it is done at the right time and in a right set of mind.

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