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 Lessons in Social Media from Jerry Seinfeld

Lessons in Social Media from Jerry Seinfeld

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You have joined social media. From creating a Facebook page to Twitter feed, you have it all. What next? What is the mantra that can make you a social media success story? Instead of delving into case studies from the market, why not look into something offbeat to derive a social media success mantra? Why not develop a formula for the recipe of success from someone who is not on social media? Presenting – Jerry Seinfeld.

In an interview to Brad Issac, during his early days as stand up comedian, Jerry Seinfeld had remarked that the key to becoming a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day. Seinfeld may not have realised how profound his statement was, but this holds fort for all those who strategise on content for social media platforms. The hotbed of information that social media is, to stand out from the rest, all we need is to create unique content. But “unique content” is not a fruit that can be plucked from a tree at will. It requires practise. Once you are in the habit of writing, your flair for innovation automatically shows.

Social mediaSeinfeld also mentioned keeping a calendar system that would keep him going on writing. Motivation is all we need to embark on the journey for success. For social media too, we need to have a plan.  Chalk out your strategy for a month in advance. Keep scheduling updates for various platforms. Be regular on your posts, failing which engagement with the fans is bound to take a hit. Ultimately, what matters is to connect with the audience. Seinfeld’s success is a testimony to that. If you fail to gauge what your fans like, you will never succeed on your social media dream.

Now that you have a roadmap, why not start working on it?

  1. You can get printouts of calendars from various sources like this one.
  2. Take up the magic red pen and start marking your targets on it.
  3. Caution: excess of anything is bad. Set yourself targets which are achievable, do not burn yourself out. You can start off with metrics like retweets or number of likes for a particular period of time.
  4. If you achieve a goal, simply cross that off on the calendar.


Once habituated, there is no stopping feathers falling falling on your social media cap. As they say, content is king on social media. As Seinfeld shows the way, only rigorous habit of creation of content can boost your social media success story.