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 100+ Instagram Growth Hacks No One Will Tell You About

100+ Instagram Growth Hacks No One Will Tell You About

Instagram has now become the go-to social media platform for a lot of things – socializing, learning, marketing, selling, and whatnot!

With the number of users on Instagram reaching a new high every day, businesses and creators are finding it as an ideal platform that can be leveraged for growth and support.

While influencers use Instagram to grow their fan following and build a community, businesses use Instagram to grow their online reputation, sales figures & revenue and even offer customer support! The use cases apply to both categories.

So, if you’re reading this, you might be a business or an Instagram influencer asking the question “How Do Top Businesses & Influencers Crack It On Instagram?” for some time now. You’re finally here looking for Instagram Growth Hacks! And that’s exactly what’s here!

In this Instagram growth hack guide, we’ll be looking at,

  • Instagram Growth Hacks – helps you to boost your engagement and reach.
  • Instagram Story Hacks – helps you create super cool stories and improve the engagement rates of your story.
  • Instagram Content Hacks – helps improve your Instagram content and idea generation process.
  • Common Instagram Mistakes – focuses on things that might hinder your Instagram growth.
  • Instagram 0-10k Roadmap – A quick guide on how to grow your Instagram followers from 0 to 10k.
  • Instagram Productivity Tools – helps with your Instagram management and the monitoring process.

But before that, we’ll quickly take a look at a couple of Instagram-related statistics, just to help you understand what Instagram as a platform is.

Instagram Platform Statistics

  • Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users across the globe.
  • Instagram is accessed by approximately 26.3% of the world’s total active mobile phone users which is 5.27 billion
  • Instagram achieved its first 100 million monthly active users milestone during February 2013, followed by 500 million users in June 2016 and finally reached one billion monthly active users in June 2018.
  • Countries with the highest Instagram active accounts are India with 180 million users, the United States falling behind with 180 billion, followed by Brazil with 110 million, Indonesia with 93 million, and Russia with 61 million.
Instagram Users By Country
  • A huge 90% of people who use Instagram follow at least one business or brand.
  • Business accounts on Instagram witness an average monthly followers growth of 1.46%.
  • An approximate 50% of Instagram users become more interested in a particular brand when they see an Instagram ad from the business.
  • During the year 2020, Instagram generated $24 billion in income which made up 36.9% of Facebook’s total revenue.
  • More than 100 million photos are being shared on Instagram every day.
  • There are more than 25 billion business profiles on Instagram and every month, 150 million+ people use Instagram DM to connect with a business.

The statistics part could go on! But what we’ve mentioned above should pretty much give you an idea about why businesses and creators are choosing Instagram as one of the primary channels for growth and support! 

Now that we’ve covered enough basics, let’s start with the growth hacks part – the one you’ve been waiting for!

100+ Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram Growth-Focused Hacks

Two important factors that’ll help with your growth on Instagram are increased visibility and engagement. And these hacks mentioned below tell you how to do this exactly like a PRO. It’s all yours!

#1 The Early Bird Strategy

What’s the point of putting all that effort into creating super-cool posts and witty captions when your users don’t get to see your post? Worst case scenario, what if you don’t get time to interact with your post – comments, and DMs?

This happens when you post during peak traffic hours because the competition is going to be high. Let’s just say your post has managed to grab attention and users start interacting with your post. You won’t be having the time to interact with comments and provide appropriate responses to DMs!

Posting early gives you two benefits,

  1. Helps your post appear on your user’s feed the first thing.
  2. Gives you enough time to interact with your post comments & DMs

This brings up the question, how early?

Quick answer – Check the peak engagement time of your account and post a couple of hours earlier (4-6 hours) – should do the job.

Only when your posts are in place before the peak hours, they are received well and you on the other hand will have enough time to engage with comments & DMs.

#2 Keep Your Instagram Posts Simple – Super Simple 

If you’re planning to explain rocket science, you should come up with a guide. Not an Instagram post!

The attention of people today is only somewhere around “8 seconds” and that is all the time you have got to convey something!

And that’s exactly why you should keep your posts super simple. Make sure the heading of your posts is only 4-5 words. And there’s only one, clear CTA button if necessary. If you’ve got more information to convey, create carousel posts.

Here’s a clean swipeable Instagram post from AppSumo.

This not only conveys the message to your followers but also helps boost engagement and maybe even a conversion!

#3 Competitor Sneak Peek Strategy🕵️

Brainstorming for Instagram posts is great! But you don’t have to do it every day when there are better options out there! 

One such option is taking a look at your competitors! All you have to do is, choose a big player in your niche and follow what they do! 

Since they are already big players, you don’t have to worry too much about the strategy and results. They’ve grown because they are doing it right! They would have done all the research beforehand and come up with a great post. And you just have to recreate the idea in a much better way!

Make sure you post a couple of minutes after your competitor’s post. Like we said, they would have done the research and know when their followers would be online. Posting right then can help draw eyeballs and great engagement for your post! Also, DO NOT bluntly copy the content & image assets! Make sure you re-iterate the content! 

Smart work done right! ✅

#4 The Sequel Strategy

There were six sequels of “Rocky” and people loved them all! The point is, when people love something, they would want more of it! And when you make use of this strategy, your engagement rate is definitely going to soar high!

The only thing you should be making sure of is that your post is worth the wait! And the topic you’re choosing can be split and created into multiple informative posts.

Eventually, your post gains traction, and people who are not subscribers of your Instagram account will start following you. And here’s the cool part, your existing subscribers will “turn on post notifications.” BINGO!

#5 Browse a Hashtag & Engage With Top Performing Posts

This is another go-to Instagram growth hack you should not miss out on! Like the title says, browse for hashtags in the explore section and start engaging with the posts that are performing well.

Search only for hashtags that are related to your niche. Like the post and leave friendly comments on it. This might help improve the visibility of your post when people search for the same hashtag.

#6 Share Dave, John & Tom’s Posts in Your Story

This is a simple Instagram growth hack that doesn’t require much effort or thinking! But as for the benefits, they are great!

All you have to do is find someone niche-related who has a considerable amount of Instagram followers. Browse his or her profile and find a post that you think might give useful information or insights for your followers.

Simply share the post in your story and tag them to make sure they get notified. What happens here is, the person you tag automatically sends a DM thanking you (most of the time) and reposts your story on their account!

You can expect a couple of followers from their account to visit your profile. And if your profile is too good to resist, you’ll end up having new followers!

Great, right?

#7 Get a Pinned Comment – Try Atleast

Pinned comments are a great deal! 

When a larger creator or a brand pins your comment, every user that comes to the comments section gets to see your profile name.

Some even visit your profile out of curiosity to know who you are or what your business is! This way, you get more traffic and engagement to your profile.

To get pinned, make sure you come up with witty or thought-provoking comments. The creator notices and pins them if they think your comment is good!

#8 Reply to Instagram Stories

This hack here helps you start a real conversation with a user!

Replying to someone’s Instagram stories can help you get noticed and give you a chance to brew something big! Try replying to stories of brands or creators who have a good following in your niche. This doesn’t mean you should go all the way for Gary Vee level! Go for creators or businesses who you think might react to your replies. 

Make sure you get on the right foot with your reply! They might even add a screenshot to their story – you never know!🤷🏻

#9 Engage With An Instagram Live Event

Instagram growth is all about getting more eyes for your posts or profile! And what better place would be there if not for an Instagram Live Event?

IG Live event participants are all people who are actively engaging with the video. When you engage with the video hosting account at such times, chances are you or your brand gets noticed by other participants.

Though it’s just going to be a fraction of seconds, there’s no harm trying this out! Just make sure not to spam by sending continuous messages (might seem like you are desperate) or send out-of-the-way messages to get attention! 

#10 Repurpose Content for IGTV

Why leave out all the previous video content you’ve created for YouTube or any other platform?

Instagram TV videos are popular – no doubt about it! And creating some of them can definitely be beneficial for you. IGTV videos can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 minutes (when uploaded from the website). This is more than enough to come up with educational or entertainment videos.

With the help of video resizing tools like Kapwing, you can easily convert YouTube videos into IGTV video resolutions. 

Smart work always pays off well!

#11 Tag Related Brand & People When You Post 

Talking about a brand? Or about someone popular in your niche? Let them know then!

When you come up with posts that talk about or include information about other brands & people, always make it a habit to tag them! And maybe even use a couple of their hashtags to appear in the search results. 

When you get a response from them in the form of comments or DMs, you can feature it in your story. And that’s going to help drive more traction to your post.

#12 Instagram Profile X Email Signature 

Let’s just say this is the easiest Instagram growth hack on our list!

It’s no doubt you’re someone who has to send emails now and then. And it’s even great if you have a subscriber base to whom you send out weekly or monthly newsletters! 

You sure would have an email signature. And that’s exactly what you’re going to use for marketing your Instagram profile.

This should be hard to believe with most articles telling you not to add social media information on email signatures. But the truth is, it can work! Today, people have started to add their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to their email signatures.

Since growing your Instagram profile is the goal here, you can go ahead and add it to your email signature without second thoughts!

#13 Post. And Stay. 

This is one huge mistake most budding brands and creators make. They come up with something creative, post it on Instagram and never look back. 

But the reality is, posting on Instagram is only half the work done. The remaining half is where you stay alert, look out for any comments or DMs and engage with them. 

Posting and ghosting aren’t going to help. The more and more you engage with the comments and DMs, the better the visibility and traction are going to be!

If you’re receiving a huge volume of comments or DMs, you can use Instagram chatbots to tackle this. With Instagram chatbots, you can automate responses to DMs and comments with ease.

#14 Repost Previous Well Performed Posts

Remember when we were speaking about smart work? This is one such hack!

It’s common to reach a saturation point – you don’t get any content ideas for creating new posts for Instagram. And that’s when this hack might come in handy!

Find out which of your posts has performed well in the past year and try to recreate it. You can find this by taking a look at a post’s engagement rate.

A good organic engagement rate would be somewhere from 2% – 5%

If you find it hard to manually look at each post’s likes & comments, you can use Simplify360’s Instagram Analytics Dashboard. You can easily find out which of your posts are performing well with in-depth analytics & insights. Also, you can repost someone’s IG story as well on your profile.

#15 5x Your Instagram Engagement 

Here are 5 quick ways to help boost your Instagram engagement 5x. 

1. Create Swipeable Posts – Carousels are some of the highest received formats of Instagram posts. In fact, carousels have an average engagement rate of 1.92% which is higher than that of images and videos. Limit your carousels to 4-5 swipes.

2. Highlight Important Text – Like we said, the attention span of people is very less today. So, to get the message conveyed, make sure you highlight the important text. You can make it bold or add quotes or maybe even use different colors for the specific text!

Highlight Important Text On Posts

3. Add Limited Information – Don’t try to push a lot of information to your audience. Make sure your posts are thin and contain limited but useful information. Keeping it minimal will make your posts are easily consumable and your audiences are going to love it. If you have more information to share, you can always add a CTA and redirect it to the source post. 

4. Post At Least Two Reels a Week – Instagram Reels have caught up like crazy today. Diversifying your content is a great way to boost your Instagram growth and engagement. Make sure that you post at least two reels a week on your account. We’ll be looking at more IG Reels hacks in the later sections of the read. 

5. The Tri-Post Strategy – It is recommended that you publish at least three posts a week and not more than that! Also, make sure you post them on alternative days. Leave enough time for your posts to build momentum and engage with your followers. Find the best days for engagement by taking a look at the analytics and setting up a publishing calendar for your future posts.

Following these 5 simple hacks consistently can help boost your Instagram engagement crazy! 

Now, on to the next one! 

#16 Start Removing Ghosts

Sounds weird, right? But trust the process! And by ghosts, we mean the inactive followers.

It’s better to have followers who engage with your posts than followers who don’t engage! 

When you find inactive followers on your profile and remove them, your engagement rate goes up! 

How? Here’s how! 

The Instagram algorithm works in a way that when you create a new post, it is automatically pushed to 10% of your followers. When there’s no good engagement rate (mainly because of inactive followers), Instagram stops pushing the post further to your followers. And over some time, you’re going to witness a serious drop in engagement!

To avoid this, it’s essential that you check and remove inactive followers at least once a quarter. Tools like Crowdfire and Cleaner for Ins can help you out with this.

#17 Keep Captions Short

When was the last time you fully read an Instagram caption that looked like an essay? You couldn’t remember, right!! 

That’s what happens when you come up with long Instagram captions! Though Instagram allows you to draft posts up to 2,200 characters, you cannot go all the way!

It’s better if you take a look at examples!

Remember the AppSumo post we saw above? Here’s the post caption of the same,

AppSumo Instagram Caption

That’s pretty much how your post caption should be. Straightforward, clear, and action-driven! Captions like this are only going to help grab eyeballs. The lengthy ones don’t! 

#18 Use Strong Headlines for Captions

Since we are speaking about captions, you might want to know this as well! 

Use STRONG headlines for captions! A headline is nothing but the first sentence of your Instagram post captions. When you use a strong headline, what happens is, it creates curiosity among the audience and they want to know more. 

They eventually proceed to click the “See More” button to read the caption. This helps Instagram algorithm know people engage with your post and boosts your post visibility to niche audiences. 

#19 Use Attention-Grabbing Words

Whether it’s the image or the caption, start playing around with words. Because that’s going to help capture the attention of your audience! Also, make sure you don’t use them too much and make it spammy!

Use words like,

  • Secret
  • Steal
  • Top
  • Best
  • Cool
  • Great & more

This can help your posts perform much better! 

#20 Scroll. Watch. Scroll.

“Everything you need is always around you. You just have to look for it and find them.”

Make sure that you apply this rule when you scroll through your Instagram feed! Stop scrolling mindlessly and try to get some good out of it!

Watch how your competitors and businesses are creating posts and boosting engagement. Take a note of anything you see super special and try to use those tricks on your post.

Once you do this consistently, you’ll get abundant ideas to create posts. And that’s going to help boost your engagement to a great extent!

#21 Increase Day-to-Day Interactions

Remember the 13th hack? We were telling you to post and stay? While staying, make sure you interact on other people’s profiles!

Because the more you interact with other users’ posts, the better are the chances for you to show up on their feed! 

This helps increase visibility and engagement on your posts and profile.

#22 Make People Stop On Your Posts

We were talking about you to note down ideas from your competitor posts and use them on yours.

When you do this great, it’ll help grab the attention of people. When you’re done creating the post, ask yourself this question, “Would I stop at this post if I see this on some other account?”

If you’re satisfied with the answer, you can go ahead and post it on your account! 

#23 Leave Friendly Comments On Other’s Posts

Why do you need to do this? Because this can help bring your profile forward to a new set of audiences!

And when your comment is too good, there could be a lot of replies to it as well – more engagement opportunities for you!

Here’s an example!

Comments on Zomato's Instagram Post

Zomato is always known for its witty social media posts. And this time, The Art of Living made use of the opportunity.

They left a witty comment and grabbed a solid 120+ likes and 20+ replies. Free marketing and visibility for them! 

You should also try this sometime!

#24 Grab Open Opportunities

While you’re leaving friendly comments on others’ profiles, make sure you grab open opportunities. This is nothing but an open question where anyone can give an answer. You can answer their queries and get in their good books!

It necessarily doesn’t have to be this! You can even promote your products/services by sending Direct Messages – the scenario has to be relevant! 

Just make sure you don’t overpromote yourself. You’re going to look spammy!

#25 Go Controversial. But Not Always!

Looking for some quick boost in engagement and visibility? Being controversial is one of the ways to go! 

But make sure you have logic behind your statement or else it’s going to be bad for you! Also, do not go controversial always. If that’s how you’re doing things from the beginning, then it’s a different story!

But if you’re not, it’s not a good idea to be controversial always – once in a month or a quarter should do more than enough!

#26 Use Instagram Ads to Promote Your Post 

Well, if you’ve got the budget to run ads, why don’t you give it a try then? 

Using Instagram advertising can help you, 

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Target specific audience to drive more conversions
  • Increase engagement and followers and more
  • Run ads based on the budget you’re comfortable with
  • Get High Return on Investment (ROI) and more

Ad spending on Instagram is 23% higher when compared to Facebook! This gives you enough reason to start using Instagram Ads! 

#27 Come Up With Names for Hacks

We think it’s time we let you in on a secret!

Remember the strategies you came across in this guide?

  • The Early Bird Strategy
  • Competitor Sneak Peek Strategy
  • The Sequel Strategy

These are normal Instagram growth hacks but we made it more interesting by coming up with a name for it! When we create the same carousel posts on Instagram, a lot of people would save them for future reference. And the engagement rate and visibility will soar automatically! 

Similarly, try giving creative names to anything you think would be a strategy or a hack!

#28 Create Polls to Boost Engagement

Who would not be interested to take part in a poll? It’s not going to cost them anything but instead, it’s going to be fun!

Conducting polls on Instagram will not only help you drive more engagement but also can help make growth-related decisions! 

You can know what your followers are looking for from you and work based on that. Get ideas on what your next post should be about!

When your followers know you care about their opinion, you don’t have to worry about losing them. And polls are a great way to keep them engaged!

Also, quizzes can help increase the engagement factor as well! People love it when they are right! Come up with a series of quizzes or polls when you can! 

And when was the last time you skipped a quiz? Hard to remember right? That’s the deal! 

#29 Going Viral Shouldn’t Be The Aim

Most businesses and influencers often aim to go viral! For what? 

It’s understood that there’s going to be a surge in views and engagement (most of the time with the wrong audience). But what good does it do for your business long-term?

Instead, try building a community. You’ll thank yourself later! 

When you build a loyal audience base, the engagement rate is always high and your posts are well-received helping you achieve all your business goals with ease. 

#30 Don’t Reveal Anything…Just Yet!

This hack works best for carousels! 

Carousels normally consist of 4-5 images. And you need to make sure that people swipe till the end of your post. For that to happen, you need to make sure that you don’t reveal crucial information at least in the first few slides.

This will make your users curious and they will want to know more about it and end up taking a look at the entire carousel. 

#31 Try the Illusion Effect With Pinned Comments

You know that pinned comments are a big deal! In the 7th hack, we talked about getting your comment pinned on the posts of other profiles. But here, we’ll be talking about how to make the most of your post’s pinned comment.

Say you’ve come up with a 10 best practices blog related to your niche. And you’re creating a carousel post for the same on Instagram. 

What if the pinned comment of the post says this, “These practices are out of the world. I tried this for my business and the results are simply great!” 


You’re a chef sharing a recipe and the pinned comment says, “I tried this recipe. Me and the people at my home loved it – a must try for everyone!”

Think of the difference it could make! People will start saving your post for future reference, some might go ahead and try it out themselves and if it turns out good, you’ll get more positive comments and the post-performance and your reputation will shoot sky high!

All you have to do is, ask a friend of yours to come up with such a comment and pin it on the post. Make sure it’s authentic to the eye – the profile is related to your niche and there is some credibility to what is being said in the comment!

It’s all about showing what people want to see!

#32 Start a Debate In Random Post’s Comments

This is similar to going controversial but the only difference is, you’re doing it on someone else’s post comments! 

This can help draw a lot of attention to your profile provided you come up with valuable points and arguments. Find the perfect post to start a debate and wait for the interactions to flow in! 

You’re going to love it! 

#33 Go Live With Another Collaborator

This is one of the coolest Instagram growth hacks – going live with another collaborator. 

When you do this, what happens is, you get a new set of audiences to view your Instagram live. And if they are intrigued with your content, you might get a couple of new followers. 

It’s the same for the collaborator on the other end – your audience gets to know them and follow them if they like what they see. It’s a win-win situation!

#34 Create Guest Posts for Other Profiles

Since we were talking about collaboration, we thought it would be good if we bring this up as well! 

Guest posts are a thing on Instagram as well. And effective for sure! 

Talk to a business or creator related to your niche and come up with an Instagram post they can put up on their profile. The collaborator on the other end will generally mention you in the caption which can help drive visitors and engagement to your profile.

#35 Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Platforms

This is similar to promoting your Instagram account on your email signature. But here, you can deliberately ask people to follow you or your business on Instagram. 

Use other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to do this! Let them know what they’ll get when they follow your Instagram account – should pretty much do the job!

#36 Publish an IG Guide

People love guides. And that’s probably the reason why you’re here! It’s only been a year since Instagram rolled out the IG Guide feature and it has quickly caught up to trend. In fact, a lot of businesses and creators are using the IG Guide feature to gain more engagement. 

An Instagram Guide is usually a collection of previous posts or products or locations clubbed together. This gives businesses & creators the opportunity to make the audience consume more content at once without any distractions.

Initially rolled out to the wellness sector, Instagram expanded the IG Guide feature to all kinds of businesses and creators.

#37 Mix It Up Once In a While

It’s great to have an overall theme for your Instagram posts – makes your profile look unique and organized! 

But when you come up with a different design once in a while, it can help the particular post stand out! And even the Instagram algorithm gifts you for this!

Make sure you do this on special occasions – Black Friday Sale, Giveaway Campaign, Holiday Sales, and more!

#38 Turn On Similar Account Suggestions

Appearing on similar account suggestions can prompt users to follow you. 

When people start engaging with a certain type of business or a person or post, the Instagram algorithm recognizes it and shows similar account suggestions. This can help increase your follower base to a certain extent. 

You can Turn On Similar Account Suggestions by heading to the “Edit Profile Section.”

Instagram Edit Profile Section

#39 A/B Test Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram Bio is the starting point of the journey between your brand and the customer. And you should make sure your Instagram Bio looks good!

Try coming up with two different Instagram bio and see which one performs best. 

Here are a few best practices for coming up with a good Instagram Bio, 

  • Optimize your profile name and bio for search queries.
  • Make sure to add your skills or what your business does (a problem-solving statement).
  • Add a couple of relevant keywords to your Instagram Bio.
  • Make sure to add your contact information for collaborations or orders.
  • Try to be a bit creative. Throw some catchy lines or text to grab attention.

Following these practices can help you create a good Instagram Bio.

#40 MAX Your Bio Link Usage

There’s no better place to reveal this hack! 

Most businesses & creators place a link on their bio either to their website or a deal page. But what if you can add all the important links to a specific landing page?

This way you can promote all your important links in one place – whether it be an important product launch link or a new eBook, you can have it all in one place! 

Why settle for one when you can go for more? 

You get tools to help you with this. We’ve revealed one of the best tools to do this in the Instagram Productivity tools list. 

#41 Stand Out With a Good Profile Picture

If you’re a creator, this is for you then! 

The next best important thing after a good bio (probably the first) is to have a good profile picture.

If you find it hard to come up with a good profile picture for your profile, try using Pfpmaker – a free profile picture maker. 

All you have to do is, upload a picture of yourself, choose a color and you’ll get plenty of suggestions.

Here’s an example,

Examples of Instagram Profile Picture

Good profile pictures can help you stand out and increase the chances of starting a conversation with a stranger. 

#42 Have a Second Account to Interact

It’s okay to interact with your post comments from the same account. And that’s the normal practice as well!

But interacting with comment posts from a second Instagram handle, it’s a different story!

Because comments from other Instagram accounts have more value than comments from your own Instagram account. 

Just make sure there’s very little to no difference between the profile names. You do not want to make your audiences puzzled, right? 

#43 Use Hashtags The Best Way Possible

Hashtags can make your posts stand out! But it works only if you use them right! Here are a couple of hashtag-related best practices you can make use of!

  • Use a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 topic-related hashtags 
  • Use somewhere between 7 and 9 ranked hashtags (make sure the hashtags have at least a 10k volume).
  • Use 5 or 6 niche hashtags. Suppose you are an SEO expert, use hashtags related to that.
  • And finally, use brand hashtags. One or two is more than enough. If you’re a creator try using your name. And if you’re a business, use similar hashtags. 

Following this strategy can really make your posts stand out and drive more traffic and engagement. 

P.S. We’ll look at a couple of tools that can help you generate hashtags in the later sections of the read. 

#44 Secret Hashtag Strategy That Works

The previous hack was about the number of hashtags you should use. This is where you’ll be knowing which hashtag you should use. 

Usually, the insights section only lets you know these metrics.

But to view the hashtags that gained the impressions, you need to promote the post. When you promote the post, you’ll be able to take a look at specific hashtags along with the impression count. 

From this, you’ll be able to pick out hashtags that have performed well and hashtags that haven’t! 

You can use this data for your future posts!

#45 Hashtag Capitalization🤔

There’s been a lot of confusion around this! Whether or not to capitalize hashtags!

The answer is, you should be doing it, especially when you’re conducting a sale or special event!

For example, take a look at this hashtag! 

#Endofyearsale – The audience couldn’t infer what it is about unless they take a close look at it. They need to pay attention to it, which is something you cannot expect today.

But if your hashtag is like this, #EndOfYearSale, the audience will be able to easily understand what’s being said. And they might want to know more!

This hack does seem of less importance. But the difference it can make, you really don’t want to miss this one!

#46 Run Giveaways on Instagram

Giveaways are a great way to increase your engagement and followers! It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, when you conduct a giveaway you see traction.

A giveaway could be anything – a limited number of free products during launch, a growth hack book, free membership plans and more. 

Setting criteria for the giveaway campaign can help with the cause – ask your audience to follow your account, tag a couple of accounts in the comments, mention the giveaway on their story and more! 

This can help increase engagement, visibility and followers!

#47 Add Human Figures on Your Post’s Cover Image

Whether a real-human image or an animated one, make sure you include them on the cover image of your Instagram posts.

The reason is, when people look at a face, they stop for a moment. It’s like an instant attraction and most of the time, it works! People do stop and check your post. 

When you’ve combined it with good headlines and captions, engagement becomes auto-pilot!

Here’s an image of an Instagram post where a human image is being used!

Instagram Post From Plumhq

So, that’s how it should be done – a real human, with quick headlines and guidelines for actions! 

#48 Use Special Effects for Instagram Direct Messages

Every little hack counts and every little thing you do contributes to your Instagram engagement factor. 

Instagram has this feature where you can use special effects for your direct messages. Most businesses and creators fail to make use of this feature but this can help you when you’re giving away coupons or codes!

Special Effects for Instagram DMs

You can find these effects when you start typing a message. The “magnifying glass” on the left-hand corner shows you these effects! 

Instagram Special Effects for Direct Messages

Here’s a scenario where the user is getting a coupon worth $10! 

Instagram Direct Message Giftbox Effect

When the user clicks the gift box, this happens,

Instagram Giftbox Special DM Effect

This can help you get in the minds of your Instagram audience with ease! Like we said, every little thing counts! 

#49 Instagram Insights – A Quick Overview

Knowing how your Instagram posts are performing and how the audience interacts with your profile is crucial to making business decisions. Here are some of the most popular Instagram insights you should be aware of! 

Post Insights – Lets you know how your post has performed – Likes, Comments, Shares & Saves

Instagram Post Insights

Post Interactions – Lets you know how people have interacted with your post – Profile Visits, Replies, Website Clicks & Emails

Instagram Post Interaction Metrics

Post Discovery – Lets you know how people have found your post – from exploring, from home, from profile, and other sources

Instagram Profile Discovery Metrics

Profile Interactions – Profile Visits, Website Clicks, and Emails

Instagram Profile Interaction Metrics

The above-mentioned insights will help you know how your posts are performing with ease.

#50 Instagram SEO Is Very Much Alive

It’s the 50th hack! And it’s time for something special! We’ll get to the story hacks part once we are done with this hack! 

SEO is not only on Google. It’s on Instagram as well! In a recent development, Instagram updated its search and now results are displayed based on interest and intent. Earlier, search results were only based on hashtags and names.

Wait! There’s more!

Search is not restricted to specific names and hashtags anymore. You also get relevant suggestions based on your search term!

Here is an example of the search results for the term “ice cream.”

Instagram Search Results

Here are a couple of best SEO Instagram practices, 

  • Instagram scans through the entire content and not just the hashtags. So, make sure you use keywords in your caption, hashtags, and image copy.
  • Start posting in all kinds of formats –  carousels, reels, IG videos, IG guides, and more.
  • Create more quality content now and then.
  • Add ALT text to your images.

You can see how your posts are performing by taking a look at the search recommendations!

#51 Start Removing Your Posts 

You must keep the count of your posts low! And by deleting, we mean archiving your posts. 

A profile that has a high number of followers with a low post volume is a good sign that they are organized. If it’s the other way around, it’s going to look spammy! 

Make sure that you,

  • Remove posts containing outdated information and strategies.
  • Remove posts that are irrelevant to your niche anymore.
  • Remove expired seasonal deals, giveaway posts, and more.
  • Recreate evergreen posts – add the latest information and archive the old posts.

Important Note: Make sure that you do not delete posts and only archive them. This is because when you delete posts, Instagram loses advertising data and the algorithm does not appreciate this!

#52 The 20-Minute Surfing Strategy

Remember the 13th hack? The “Post. And Stay.” one! This is relevant to that!

Whenever you are planning to post on Instagram, make it a point that you are active at least 20 minutes before and after you post.

This helps the algorithm understand that you are an active user who doesn’t just post and ghost. While you are surfing, it’s even better if you interact with other posts out there – leave a friendly comment, save or like a post, and more. 

When you consistently make this a practice, chances are the post you’re coming up with will be shown on the feeds of profiles you’ve just interacted with!

So, mentioned above are common Instagram growth hacks that’ll help you to boost your visibility and engagement factor. Following now are category-specific hacks that will also help you do the same! 

#53 Add ALT Text to Your Posts

If you’re someone who is familiar with SEO practices, you sure know what we are talking about! 

The purpose of adding ALT text to images on your website is, when the image fails to load due to poor connection, the ALT text lets the user know what the image is about (ALT text is nothing but a text description of the image).

Instagram ALT Text

When you add ALT text to your Instagram posts, what happens is, the Instagram algorithm understands what the image is about and increases the chances of your post being shown in the “Explore” section.

Adding ALT text to your posts makes sure that the post is shown to the right set of audience when they search for a specific brand or product or a niche!

#54 Go LIVE At Least Twice a Week

Going LIVE on Instagram can give you a lot of benefits! 

1. Your followers get a notification on their home screen saying you’re live

Instagram Live Notification

2. If they miss that, when they check their Instagram feed, they’ll see the live story notifications right next to the “Your Story” option.

3. Even if you end the live video, it’ll still remain as the first story on your audience’s profile, increasing the visibility factor.

Instagram Live

Going live can help increase engagement with your followers to a great extent. When you go live, make sure you do not fail to entertain your audience. Don’t go live just because you have to! Have a good content plan before you go live. 

If you have a crazy fan following, then you don’t have to worry about this! But if you’re a business or a creator, you need to plan your content beforehand so that your live is both engaging and useful!

Instagram stories need no introduction! Statistics say that Instagram stories are being used by more than 500 million people every day. And smartly leveraging this can definitely help boost engagement on your profile and increase your follower base. 

That said, let’s look at a couple of Instagram story hacks!

Instagram Story Hacks

#55 Stories & Stickers

Stories and stickers go hand in hand. It’s pretty hard to see a story without at least one sticker today. The reason is, adding a sticker to your story can help double the views!

Instagram Story Stickers

Since Instagram has got a lot of cool and funny stickers, you’re never going to run short of them!

#56 “Add Yours” Viral Story Hack

This has caught up to trend recently! 

“Add Yours” sticker is Instagram’s recent sticker addition that allows people to start a trend and create a viral loop of story sharing.

You can simply upload a photo to post and then click the “Stickers” button. You’ll see the “Add Yours” sticker.

Instagram Add Yours Sticker

On clicking that, you will be asked to write a prompt for the same. When done, you can publish your story.

Instagram Add Yours Sticker Story Example

Followers who come across your story can add their photo or response by simply clicking on the “Add Yours” button. Thus a viral chain loop gets started, boosting up your engagement rate! 

If you haven’t tried this hack yet, it’s high time you do it once!

#57 Stickers Instead of Swipe Up Links

Instagram recently came up with this update where it replaced swipe-up links with stickers! Earlier, the swipe-up link format used to be more like sponsored ad content but the link sticker has made the experience much better! 

It’s the usual process. Upload a photo or a video -> Click the sticker button -> Add the Links Sticker.

Instagram Story Link

When you click the “LINK” sticker, you’ll be asked for the URL where you want to take your users. Once that’s done, your story is all set to go live!

Instagram Link Story Example

You can create something like this in minutes – as easy as said!

#58 Create Stories About a Product or Brand. And Tag Them

This is going to need no explanation! 

Creating a story about a product or a brand and tagging them is the start of a new adventure. And by adventure, we mean future collaborations and mentions. 

When you create such stories, the brand or product you’re tagging most of the time reshares the same in your story, driving extra views and attention to yours! 

#59 Add Translucent Color Layer Over Photos & Videos

Personally, we love this hack so much! It gives a nice look and feel to your photos or videos. And is best suited for businesses like cafes, restaurants, furniture marts, holiday destinations when they want to come up with a story where equal importance has to be given both for the image & the text as well!

Instagram Story Translucent Color Layer Effect

All you have to do is, 

  • Upload a photo to your story
  • Click the draw icon
    Choose the highlighter marker
  • Select the color you prefer from the displayed palette
  • Once chosen, tap and hold on to the image until a translucent color layer is applied over the image. 

It’s done! Like we said, this can give your stories a nice look and feel!

#60 The Revealer Story Strategy

People are curious. They always are! And you can use this factor to boost engagement in your stories. Instagram lets you create a revealing story series with ease. 

Well, it’s not a feature. But with little creativity, you can get it done. 

So, here’s how you do it! 

Add a photo to your story and add a colored layer over it so that the image is hidden! Come up with a text on what the story is about!

Instagram Story Reveal Series

Now, start revealing what’s underneath by erasing the color layer. You can use the eraser icon available on the drawing toolset.

Instagram Story Reveal Series

Reveal more in the next story, 

Instagram Story Reveal Series

Creating stories like this can increase the story views, all thanks to the curiosity factor. 

Save images to your device when you erase it step-by-step. You then add the images to your stories together! 

Works great when done right!

That’s pretty much it with Instagram Story Hacks. Remember, the more creative you get with stories, the better your story views and engagement rate is going to be!

Let’s move on to the next section! 

#61 Go Vibrant – Use the Rainbow Effect

This is another hack that can help your stories stand out – the Rainbow Effect! 

What this means is, the text on your stories can come with a variety of gradients – the rainbow colors. Here’s an example we tried out!

Instagram Rainbow Effect

Looks cool, right? Similarly, add different backgrounds or images to your story and add the rainbow effect to make your stories stand out. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do this! 

It’s pretty simple! We got it right the first time!😉 

#62 Use the Close Friends Feature to Promote Exclusive Content

People love when they are valued! And Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature can help you do this!

Adding followers to the close friends’ list is the start of a relationship between your businesses and your followers. If you’re a creator, it’s even great then! 

Recently, Zomato conducted a poll and all participants were added to the close friends list (the green star icon on the top right corner shows you’re added to the close friends list)!

Instagram Close Friends Hack

Adding followers to the close friends list will increase your story visibility multiple folds because no one wants to miss a special story. You can even use this feature to promote your exclusive content. And if you are a business, you can use this to promote special offers and products. 

When people know it’s exclusive for them, they’ll rush to check it out and you might even witness some conversions at the end of the day!

Instagram Reels Hacks

Earlier it was Tik Tok. But now, it’s Instagram Reels. Statistics say that Instagram reels get a 22% more engagement rate than normal videos. Reels when used right, can skyrocket your engagement rate and get the message conveyed very well! 

#63 30 Or 60 Second Reels 

Instagram reels that are 30 or 60 seconds are known to perform better than reels that are only 15 seconds. Make sure you use the maximum time you have in hand. The more the viewing time on your reels is, the better visibility and engagement it is going to have! 

#64 Go 100% On Filters & Effects

Instagram reels are all about how creative you can get! So, don’t be afraid to experiment with filters and effects – you never know when one of your reels can go super viral. But just make sure that you don’t overdo it! 

#65 Use Trending Transitions & Audios

When you realize something is brewing, make sure you get into the race. And do it better than others! 

Look for transition effects and audios that are trending and see how you can promote your business with that!

Usually, we’d suggest you choose audios that have over 10k reels. Also, make sure that you see a growing icon near the audio (we’ve highlighted that for you in the below image).

Instagram Trending Audio

This means that the audio has just entered the “trend zone” and creating a reel now can get you ahead of the race. 

#66 Don’t Skip Hashtags

Whether it’s a video or a post or a reel, make it a rule you never forget about hashtags! 

Try adding a minimum of at least 15 hashtags to your Instagram reel. This helps with the visibility factor! 

#67 Follow 4:5 Ratio for Texts

Instagram reels follow the 9:16 ratio. Most of the time, it is mandatory to add text within a reel in order to engage with your audience and convey the message! 

Just make sure that you keep the text in the 4:5 ratio (the safe area). Doing this way will make sure that your text doesn’t get trimmed or go out of the picture.   

#68 Don’t Forget to Share to Your Feed

And that’s the most important thing – sharing the reel to your feed. There’s no point in all that effort and time when you forget to share the reel to your feed. 

What happens is, your reel gets immediate engagement from your audience and this can help your reel get discovered easily!

And yes, don’t forget to add your location as well – helps boost visibility in the specific region.

Instagram Reels

Reels are much more effective than any other format of Instagram post. They are known for their increased engagement and visibility factor. Make sure you follow the hacks mentioned above, be a bit creative, and come up with super cool reels! 

So far, we’ve come across Instagram growth hacks, Instagram story hacks and Instagram reels best practices. Now, it’s time we take a look at what you should not do on Instagram!

#69 Reply to Comments With Reels

Yes! That’s right! 

Instagram recently launched a new feature that allows users to reply to comments in the form of reels! Instagram calls it the “Reels Visual Replies” and this feature allows users to interact with the comments of audiences in the form of reels.

Instagram Reels Visual Replies

Only the user who posts the reel will be able to reply to comments with a reel, thus preventing cluttering in the comments section. 

This new feature will be super helpful for both creators and businesses, especially when they want to explain product tutorials or DIY hacks. Reels will appear in the form of stickers and any user who wants to view it can simply get it done with a single touch!

Instagram Content Hacks

The best Instagram content hack would be to recreate well-performing posts. Recreating existing posts is as important as creating new ones. So, here are a few content hacks that help you recreate posts like a PRO! 

#70 Identify Top Performing Posts 

The first step is knowing what posts have performed well! You can use TopNine to do this. The tool easily shows you 9 top-performing posts of your account. Usually, it works best if you try this tool at the end of the year!

Top Nine Instagram Tool

#71 Identify Best Performing Colors

You need to settle down on color at some point. It helps bring uniformity to your profile and can help you create highlight covers with the same color & pattern.

You can use Colorkuler to find out the dominant colors of your Instagram feed.

Colorkuler Tool

#72 Identity Best Hashtags

You have the best-performing posts and the dominant color of your Instagram feed now. It’s time you find what hashtags are performing better!

Use the 42nd hack in our read, the “Secret Hashtag Strategy” to find the best performing hashtags. Yes, you’d have to spend a little but recreating a post following these practices can help boost the engagement and visibility factor! 

Now you’ve got the three things to recreate a post. Just make sure you archive the old post and not delete it.

#73 Planning Stories Ahead

Just like the title says, it’s a great idea to plan your stories ahead of time. Whether you’re a creator or a business, posting Instagram stores isn’t the only task you’ve got. You sure have other things to take care of as well! 

And thinking about what story to post at the moment could be time-consuming and exhausting. So, it’s always best if you plan your stories way ahead of time.

Come up with a content calendar and decide what you’ll be posting on a specific day. Say you’re a fitness coach, here’s a sample content calendar for a week, 

  • Monday – Sneak peek into the personal life
  • Tuesday – Promote your fitness guide or personal training program
  • Wednesday – Conduct a poll or reveal fitness secrets
  • Thursday – Share client testimonials & workout videos of you
  • Friday – Come up with a “Behind the Scenes” video
  • Saturday – Share a motivational or transformational video
  • Sunday – Don’t push it too much. Maybe take a day off!

Try creating the story content in advance as well! You can save it in drafts and post it when the time comes – helps you focus on things that matter more!

That said, let’s move to the next section!

Mistakes You Should Avoid Making On Instagram

Trying to grow on Instagram is all good! But you should also be careful that you don’t make any mistakes that could sabotage your growth. It could be even a tiny factor that’s insignificant but it can end up making a huge impact on your growth! 

So, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid making on Instagram!

#74 Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to increase your post visibility. But when you overdo it, that’s going to make your post look spammy and you’ll end up having little or no engagement!

Make sure you use the best practices for hashtags we mentioned above (the 41st hack). Use hashtags that perform well and keep the numbers to the suggested limit!

#75 Stop Editing Your Posts

Yes! You heard this right! 

The second you edit a post that is already live, the engagement rate hits rock bottom (resets and goes to zero), making the post not discoverable as it was once before. 

So, make sure you double-check a post before you put it up on Instagram – the image, captions, hashtags, and more. 

#76 Say No to Watermarks

Instagram recently announced that it doesn’t encourage content or posts that have the watermarks of other applications. 

It’s better you take note of this next time you design something!

#77 Missing Out to Include Keywords on Profiles

The 50th hack was about Instagram SEO and this is about the same. 

When you fail to include a keyword in your profile, you’re missing out on a lot of visibility opportunities! 

Make sure you add a keyword on your Bio right away reading this! 

#78 Don’t Put Hashtags In Comments

Earlier, people used to put hashtags in the first comment and not with the post caption. But recently, Instagram officially announced that hashtags should be included with the post caption. 

#79 Don’t Post When Your Followers Are Online

Remember the “Early Bird Strategy” that talks about posting as early as possible? This is the same. Make sure that you don’t post when your followers are online. This doesn’t leave you room for visibility and engagement! 

#80 Don’t Be In a Hurry to Reply to Comments

Showing the audience you are responding to them is all right! But just don’t be in a hurry to do it. Taking some time off and replying to comments can boost engagement. 

This is because, according to our research, the algorithm detects engagement every now and then and pushes the post to your followers.

#81 Not Using the Right Colors for Posts 

The colors on your posts should be pleasing to the eye! Well, if it’s a festive season, we get it. But again, the combination of colors should be right! Using over-saturated & low contrast colors can make your post look way less than mediocre.


#82 Reusing the Same Set of Hashtags

It is understood that certain brand and business-related hashtags have to be reused. That’s completely fine. But just make sure you don’t reuse the same set of hashtags. 

Mix it up in between, use a different order and try including a couple of new hashtags as well! 

#83 Have a Bio That With the Right Size

A bio that’s too long or too short isn’t going to work out! Your Instagram Bio should be of the right size!  A maximum of 4-5 lines with key information like the name of your business, what you do and contact information should be more than enough. 

If you’re a creator, specify what your skills are and how you can help the audience on the bio along with your contact information. 

#84 Using Way Too Much Call-to-Action Buttons

Whether it be a landing page or an Instagram post, make sure you limit the CTA buttons. Using multiple CTA buttons will make you look desperate and the worst part, you’re not going to get any conversions! 

#85 Having Highlight Covers With Different Patterns

Instagram story highlights are a great way to let your audience know about important events or strategies or anything you want your audience to see the moment they visit your profile. 

But when your highlight covers are of different patterns, it makes your profile look awkward. It’s best if you maintain the same pattern for all your highlights. Most creators and businesses make sure they do this! 

Here’s the Instagram profile of Julia McCoy, a popular content hacker.

All the story highlight covers follow the same pattern. Also, you can consider this an example of a perfect Instagram Bio. 

Now, we’ll look at mistakes related to Instagram Direct Messages.

#86 Don’t Stop With a “Hi”

Remember that you’re starting a conversation with a person you’ve never met or known before. And just a “Hi” alone isn’t going to help you get replies. 

You need to do more than that! Start a conversation by introducing yourself. This can higher the chances of getting a response from the other person.

#87 Don’t Be Hasty

The other person you’re talking to definitely knows there’s a purpose behind your message. But it’s always good that you take it slow! 

Ask them what they do, complement their posts, or do other small talks! And only then reveal the real purpose of your direct message. This increases the chances of a positive outcome. Good communication is the key to everything. 

#88 Don’t Type Forever Essays

We just told you not to stop with a Hi. But that doesn’t mean you have to send long paragraphs. Try to keep your messages short and to the point. But if there is a need to send long messages, try cutting them down into paragraphs. Also, try to avoid sending huge messages on your first DM. 

#89 Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Just because someone has replied to your message or query, it doesn’t mean you can keep on asking more questions.

Always respect others’ time and try to keep your questions to a minimum. Make sure you switch to a friendly conversation once you’re done with your questions.

#90 Don’t Do Cold Pitches

If you’re sending out a cold email, that’s okay! But if you’re making a cold pitch on Instagram, it’s not going to look good. 


  • You might sound desperate
  • There are going to be zero conversions.
  • Worst case scenario, you’ll be blocked or reported. 

It’s best if you try to sell after building a relationship! This way, you don’t sound like a spammer, and chances for conversion are also better.

Instagram Direct Messages is a powerful tool. Using it right can help you increase conversions and engagement with ease. Use it wrong, it’s going to turn out bad for you! 

So, those are things you should be careful about when using Instagram! 

Now that we’ve looked at the mistakes you should avoid making on Instagram, let’s take a look at the tools that can support your Instagram growth & management!

Instagram 0-10k Roadmap

Growing your Instagram followers from 0-10k is definitely the task! But when you manage to do it, the growth that comes later is more automated! It’s the initial 10k that requires very hard effort, patience, persistence, and most importantly a strategy! 

Here is a quick roadmap that’ll help you grow your Instagram followers from 0-10k!

Phase 1 – Finding What Really Works

This is the phase where you enter all new with no backed data for support. You have to do the groundwork and find what really works for your profile. 

Start posting 1-2 times a day without minding too much about the quality. The idea is to get content onboard first. While doing so, try and experiment with new content types – make sure you publish all formats of Instagram content. Develop your very own content style to make your posts look unique. 

Note: You’ll be starting from scratch in this phase. Don’t worry about the follower count. Trust the process.

Phase 2 – Creating a Content Repository

When you’re constantly posting content, feel free to ask for feedback from people you know – industry experts preferably. 

Put the feedback you receive to use and start creating amazing content consistently. 

Note: Focus on creating quality content and you’ll see the momentum building. You’ll be seeing a significant increase in your followers. Expect somewhere between 1k to 2k followers.

Phase 3 – Find Your Audience

Now, you’ll be having the content you need. It’s time you start engaging! 

Look for moderate or big players in your niche and start to engage with them and their posts. Try using all the engagement hacks we mentioned above. 

In the process, you’ll be able to find fans for your account and there starts growth!

Note: This is where the real growth kicks in. When you constantly engage with big players in the niche, your visibility increases day by day, leading to a huge increase in your followers count.  

Phase 4 – Pushing Constantly to Keep Up the Good Work

The third phase comes to an end when you reach close to 10k followers. The fourth phase is all about trying to do what you’ve been doing all this time in a much better way. 

Find opportunities for collaboration, identify new content ideas, post relevant & quality content to keep the momentum.

If you feel you’re getting stuck somewhere, it’s time to reassess what you’re doing. Talk to people, take a look at the insights, know what your competitors are doing – should help you figure out where you’ve gone wrong! 

So, that’s the roadmap to growing your Instagram account followers from 0-10k! 

Instagram Productivity Tools

#92 Simplify360

Simplify360 is your go-to Instagram management tool. Simplify360 offers Instagram chatbots that can help you, 

  • Automate responses to DMs
  • Engage with user’s comments by sending them a DM
  • Schedule & Publish posts in auto-pilot mode
  • View performance of posts and more.
Simplify360 Instagram Automation Tool

Instagram Automation can help you save huge time and take care of the content creation process. When customer support and engagement are taken care of, you can focus more on creating quality-driven content.

#93 Instavast

Instavast is an Instagram Automation tool that takes care of targeting, automation, and growth. Instavast helps businesses & influencers grow their social impact by increasing the number of followers.

Instavast Instagram Marketing Tool

The tool also allows you to target an audience for engagement based on a number of filters like active followers, local followers, gender targeting, and more. Also, filter fake accounts with the built-in fake account filtering feature, get notified about your competitor’s Instagram followers, and do more!


Have a podcast waiting to be promoted? Use the to create videos to promote your podcast and share them on social media platforms – Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Headliner App

The platform is free to use and one can create unlimited videos and promote them! 

#95 Namecheckr

This is an ideal tool to check if the username you wish for is available on all common platforms around.

Namechekr Name Availability Checker Tool

Namecheckr checks for the name you enter in over 50+ platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Timble, Reddit, and more.

#96 WordTune

Finding it hard to write a caption for your post? WordTune can help you with that!

WordTune is more like a spinbot tool. You can simply paste text from any source or write in the field box. The tool automatically rewrites it and gives better suggestions. 

#97 HashtagStack

HashtagStack is a dedicated hashtag generator for Instagram. All you have to do is, enter the focus keyword and you’ll automatically get relevant hashtags along with the number of posts made with it, the number of likes, and comments.

You can copy them to your clipboard and paste them on the captioned post. As easy as said! 

#98 is a text-to-speech generation platform. You can enter any text you want and choose from the available voice options like US male voice, US female, UK male voice, etc and generate the audio version of your text. Text to Speech Conversion Platform

This can help with voice-over for your videos and more. 

#99 Crowdfire

A social management tool that helps you schedule and manage all social media platforms from one place.

Crowdfire Social Media Management Tool

Crowdfire lets you know about post-performance, get notified about mentions, reply to them, and more. 

#100 Exploding Topic

Discover the next best things with Exploding Topic. The tool lets you search through millions of search results across the internet and helps you find what’s brewing in your industry.

A great tool for coming up with new content ideas! 

#101 Display Purposes

This is another hashtag generator tool like HashtagStack. Display Purposes generates the best hashtags for your Instagram profile, helping you get more likes, followers, and reach.

Display Purposes Tool

#102 Ninja Outreach

This is an online platform that’s super useful for marketers, small businesses, and solopreneurs. Ninja Outreach is an influencer outreach software that helps digital marketers and businesses grow their online presence.

Ninja Outreach Influencer Marketing Tool

You can find influencers on Instagram, Twitter and reach out to them automatically – a great tool for outreach purposes!  

#103 Upleap

If you’re looking forward to adding followers to your Instagram account, then Upleap is the tool you’re looking for!

Upleap Instagram Followers Tool

You can get 1000 followers for as low as $9. Upleap promises that they’ll deliver standard quality followers at a fast pace.

#104 Linktree

Instagram doesn’t allow you to place links in the post caption. And Linktree is the perfect solution for this!

Linktree Social Media Reference Landing Page

Linktree allows you to create a separate page and display all important links there. From your latest IG Guide to Reddit profile, Linktree can store any kind of links you want!

#105 Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is Instagram’s very own timelapse capturing tool. What makes Hyperlapse special is its built-in stabilization technology. This allows you to take timelapse videos even when you’re in motion.

Hyperlapse Instagram Timelapse Tool

#106 Crop Square Video Editor

This tool can help you out with resizing your videos. You can easily edit the video to square format or any other ratio for that matter of fact.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

With Crop Square Video Editor, you can rotate your video, cut or trim it, add a blurred background and more!

#107 Hype-Type

Hype-Type is a great tool that allows you to create visually stunning stories. Just like the name of the tool, the text on your story can have a number of different animations, making your story cool – the attention-grabbing type!

Hype-Type Text Editor Tool

#108 Canva

We wouldn’t miss Canva on this list! 

If you’re someone who likes to get the image assets done by yourself but you’re not a Photoshop expert, then Canva is your go-to designing tool.

Canva Onilne Graphic Designing Platform

Canva comes with a lot of pre-existing templates for special occasions, graphics, elements and more in the free version. The best part, Canva already has custom empty canvas with perfect resolutions for Instagram posts, Instagram stories and more. 

You don’t have to worry about the resolutions. Just log in and start designing. 

#109 Giant Square

You should have come across huge collages on Instagram, wondering how one could do this! Tools like Giant Square allow you to do this like a PRO.

Giant Square Instagram Collage Creator

Giant Square allows you to break down any large image and create collages for Instagram automatically – hassle-free and effective! 

#110 Milkshake

We also wanted to save this one for the last. 

Milkshake is a free website-building platform. The cool part is, you can build the website from your mobile and add social links to it.

Milkshake Free Website Builder

Also, the app is free to use and there’s no website publishing cost as well – a great website for creators, small businesses, and people who just start with their journey! 

So, yes! We’re wrapping it up!

Final Few Words

So, we’ve come across 100+ hacks that’ll help grow your Instagram engagement, visibility, followers, conversions, productivity, and more! 

Growing your Instagram account is all about finding what works for you and enjoying it while doing the same. 

Make it a point that you post more videos, focus on reaching more people, create relatable, relevant & quality content and most importantly, make sure the engagement factor is there for the audience on whatever you come up with!

And yes, have a little fun while growing your account – set milestones and treat yourself with something when you reach it! Pushes you to set and achieve more targets. 

Since you’re too much into Instagram, we thought you should know this. 

We’ve recently launched our End-of-Year Sale. And we’re giving away FREE Instagram Chatbots for businesses, influencers, and creators. 

With Simplify360’s Instagram chatbot, you can, 

  • Automate responses to DMs
  • Engage with story comments by sending direct messages to users
  • Automate responses and reply to story mentions in DMs
  • Schedule and publish Instagram posts with ease
  • View post-performance and more metrics. 

And here’s the cool part, you can do all this from the same platform! All you have to do to claim your free chatbot is, register for our EOY Sale! You can know more about our sales and register for the same here, 

For Businesses –

For Influencers –

So, yes. That’s that!

We’ll also be constantly updating this guide. You can bookmark this post to stay updated on this! 

That’s it from our side! Let us know which Instagram growth hack you loved the most in this read in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you! 

That said, now go start growing your Instagram profile!

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