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 Indian Brands on Twitter – How is their Social Customer Service?

Indian Brands on Twitter – How is their Social Customer Service?

Social media is dramatically altering the customer service landscape. With easy access to real-time information, a new generation of ‘always-on’ consumers has been empowered and are more demanding than ever before. This trend is on the rise as social media proliferates, both online and on mobile, across all age groups and demographics.
To build trust and brand loyalty in this rapidly changing environment, companies must develop a social media customer service strategy that is responsive, proactive and engaging in order to address customers’ needs.
The purpose of this research is to investigate the extent to which social media customers to post and resolve their complaints are currently using micro-blogging sites like TWITTER.
Specifically within the context of the customer complaints, the objectives of this research are to:

  • Identify whether Twitter is being used by customers to post their complaints.
  • Explore the volume and variety of complaints from different industries.
  • Investigate perceived outcomes, benefits and disadvantages for customers using Twitter.
  • Formulate recommendations for ways in which Twitter could be used more efficiently to resolve customer complaints by various industries.


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