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 How to increase customer experience using Social Media Channels

How to increase customer experience using Social Media Channels

Customer Experience (CX), is something that a customer experiences in his conscious and subconscious mind after he/she interacts with an organization. It is an aggregate of the varied experiences he/she may have with his/her vendor over a period of time. If a company delivers an experience of a lifetime to its customers, it ensures that its customer is loyal to that brand and spends more than before. With Social Media being the buzz of the day, a company has to be all the more careful, compassionate and trustworthy to increase its brand popularity.

Why is customer experience so important?

It has become the norm to create, audit and manage social media listening post to effectively analyze feedbacks. Based on these feedbacks one can identify customer sentiments and tweak your strategy to increase your productivity and revenue.

Here are a few pointers to help you achieve popularity and trust from your customers:

  • Correct management of social media also generates valuable inputs to effectively manage the media and also to draw correct conclusions from other feedback to generate actionable intelligence for a better customer experience.
  • By having people visit your web site alone may not serve the purpose, how so ever desirable it may be. It is converting these visits into an experience a customer will cherish which will bring results. Customer will form a positive opinion if their requirements are being addressed, they are engaged in what they like and their opinion or feedbacks are acted upon.
  • Social media sites exponentially increase the impact. Any lackadaisical attitude, failure to respond or dissatisfaction will cause customers to vent their opinion which will directly impact trust, faith and revenues. It might even nudge the fence sitters to join in. In short, there is a lot to be gained by embracing this paradigm and a lot to lose too.
  • Create a redressal Forum. As a customer, when one wants an issue to be resolved it is natural to look for those who have had similar issues and the methods used by them to resolve it. As an organization one must exploit this tendency by creating one’s own forum which addresses all such issues. A forum is the place where you look for answers. Better the experience, more the interaction and feedback.
  • Social network interaction enables an organization to not only participate in conversation with customers but also enables them to glean plethora of information and knowledge which can always be used to improve customer experience and pitch your company/product.

Creating a forum alone will not suffice. In present day environment with numerous similar sounding web pages or site to find what you want can be a tad difficult. To surmount this issue we need Enterprise Knowledge Management System to derive true intent from each search. In other words; it helps the user discover a relevant answer in the shortest amount of time. These capabilities, while always vital, are even more so in a social networking paradigm. With this functionality, you can create a richer, more meaningful experience for users and significantly reduce the time it takes to find the best answer.

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