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 How to Couple Advertisement and Social Media?

How to Couple Advertisement and Social Media?

The success of Barack Obama, stands as a social media benchmark for all the marketers. His campaigns shows to what extent social media can be used to bring success to your brand. Be it an event promotion or creating awareness or sales, social media is the perfect weapon for a marketer in today’s market.
From such astounding victory stories, it is pretty evident that you have to utilise social media for your brand and business to bring in more dollars in your pocket. One best thing that you can do with your social media to increase your sales is ‘ADVERTISEMENTS’.

Social Media Campaign

Bringing together Social Media and Advertisements is nothing but online advertising with the help of social media sites. Marketers can bring out the most from social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. By using social media channels you get the benefit of targeting the audience based on demographics like geography, gender, interests etc.
However, since direct marketing can lead to controversies, it is better to opt for indirect marketing. Indirect Marketing is the latest marketing technique in which marketers can create ‘Page’ or ‘Group’ and users who are willing to receive information can join.
Though marketing on the social media sites is both easy and rewarding, marketers should be able to decide on the type of advertisements  that best suit their businesses and pour in more dollars.
Different types of advertisements available for social media:

  • Banner Ads: One of the most popular forms of digital advertising. These ads helps you create brand awareness, increase your page visits and generate sales. Banner ads are the traditional ads used to grab audience’s attention, target niche audience and track results.
  • Newsletters Subscription Ads: Ad on the website/pages/profiles  through which people sign up for newsletters from the brand. On getting subscribers information, you can send targeted message to the subscribers and ensure that they get content that is in sync with what is already there on the site.  The subscribers list can be collated with your prospect database and nurtured to convert them into deals.
  • Corporate Profiles:Using this, the fan or the follower can place the logo of the brand on his/her own page. So when people from the follower’s circle visits the page, they would also tend become the fan of the corporate profile.
  • Get & Give Widgets: These are one of the best types of social media ads as these are can be customized and work better than banner ads or newsletters.
  • Sponsored Content: These ads are where other people/businesses mention your brand while promoting or selling something. This type of ads are likely to get more responses as people get credibility to build on.

Benefits of bringing Advertisements and Social Media Together:
By leveraging social media for advertisements, four things allure marketers:
Cost:Advertising on the social media sites is cheaper than other traditional advertising channels. Viral campaigns that spread like wild fire can be run using social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. Creating a Facebook fan page costs you nothing however in return gives your businesses huge number of fans & followers.
Reach:Social media is the best channel where you get millions of users segmented based on their interests. Targeting to these segments can help you build long-lasting relationships. Social media can be stated as the one and only media where you can get such great reach.
Targeted: Social Media sites provides marketers with great deal of information about the users. Marketers can design ad campaigns based on their interests.
Time: People are spending more time on social media than compared to the time spent on traditional media like TVs, newspapers, etc. So, marketers now are trying to spend more time online to get connected with people online.
As you now know that advertisements social media partner well with each other, you can kickstart your social media ads right away. Don’t forget to plan out your social media strategy before you get started.
Good Luck with your social media efforts!

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