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 How High-End Resorts in USA Fare on Social Media

How High-End Resorts in USA Fare on Social Media

Who does not wish to steal a few days from an extremely hectic schedule and spend some time relaxing in an exotic resort? This being said, the resorts also put in equal effort to make sure each person who drops in leaves with an amazing experience and a refreshed mind. However, reaching out to people individually is not an easy task and hence most hotels and resorts make use of social media to talk about themselves.
Simplify360 has done a social media analysis of which high end resorts in USA, perform best on various social media spaces. Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch leads the way with an SSI score of 97.7. They also have the highest number of fans on Facebook, highest followers on Twitter and receive the maximum number of mentions.
We also calculated the SSI score share for the top resorts of USA and the results left us stunned. The top 2 players on social media were responsible for 60% of the share of voice, the players being Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch with 45.6% and Great Wolf Lodge with 13.8%.
Social media is diverse and so are the results driven from it. Club Med Sandpiper Bay constituted the highest number of likes on their Facebook page and also has the highest number of people talking about it but Paradise Stream Resort has the highest engagement rate.
Club Med Sandpiper Bay has 1.4 million fans on Facebook, followed by Great Wolf Lodge and Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch.
Ritz Carlton beats the rest when it comes to the number of followers on Twitter. However, Pinehurst Resort has the highest engagement rate.
Social media scores don’t just show they are performing on this space but also gives an idea of how they are being accepted by the public.

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