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 Five Real Life Implementations of Social Media Monitoring impacting People's Lives.

Five Real Life Implementations of Social Media Monitoring impacting People's Lives.

Social Media Monitoring is here to stay.
Social Media Monitoring is here to stay.

Social Media Monitoring has been hailed as one of the pillars upon which the future of digital marketing is being built. It’s positives are innumerous and it’s negatives, negligible.
Very soon, Social Media Monitoring will slowly but surely make it’s way into our daily routine, if it hasn’t already. It possesses all the qualities that one would happily lap up to ease the burden of the daily brunt.
Be it in terms of a business perspective or a routine practice, Social Media Monitoring is here to stay. Here are 5 ways Social Media Monitoring can be beneficial to you on a daily basis:
1. Hiring: As a HR, only you know the travails and troubles one must pass through to hire the right candidate. It takes days, even weeks to zero in on that one candidate who you’re sure will make a difference to your company. With the help of Monitoring, unnecessary telephonic interviews and face to face meetings will be deemed futile. In a matter of days you will get a fair idea if the candidate is one that would suit your company via monitoring.
2. Cyber Crime: Cyber Crime is another issue that is slowly and deftly, making itself known in all sectors. What was once dismissed as a joke, has now made the world sit up after it began claiming lives of innocent children, particularly that of Amanda Todd, a 13 year old girl who was driven to end her life because of intense bullying she faced on Social Media Platforms. This sparked a moral outrage in communities and thus the war against Cyberbullying began.
From a parental perspective, Social Media Monitoring is the solution to the Cyberbullying problem. It will allow parents to keep a sharp eye on their behavior online, leaving them in a position to step in if necessary.
3. Law Enforcement: Monitoring isn’t new to this particular domain, as the CIA and the NSA already use it to keep an eye on any suspicious behavior. Since the 9/11 attacks, it has greatly reduced the threat of global terrorism. Implement the same system locally and you’re looking at a potential solution to crime, entirely.
4. Your personal Social Presence: In the world of today, your online reputation really matters. With Social Media Monitoring, you can know what’s being said about you online, giving you a fair idea about what you’re projecting yourself to be.
5. Healthcare: This can be huge and if implemented correctly, can be used to save millions of lives. Hospitals in and around a particular area can monitor various social media platforms to spot an emergency and then proceed to handle the situation. As a a Social Media user, this is a boon to you as well as you know that help is never too far away.
Monitoring is here to stay. Sooner than later, its going to change the way the world functions. For more on Social Media Monitoring and its variants, keep it locked to Simplify360.

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