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 Simplify360 makes filtering social media data easy with its new upgraded buzz filter

Simplify360 makes filtering social media data easy with its new upgraded buzz filter

Social media data is huge and messy. Many listening tools provide very few ways for users to manage this data and extract values out of it. In other words social media analytics is still an evolving science. The tools present out their for social media data scientists are simple and user can do very less. At the end, social media analyst has to download the data and work on it using external softwares. Simplify360 envisions to improve this situation and provide better tools that can save time and allow users to focus on important things.

As a result, Simplify360 has launched an advanced version of social media data filter which allows an apt social media analyst to slice data and view the trends like no other tools. It is intuitive in a sense that it can be used by both the novice and expert at the same time.

Flow chart of  Simplify360 Social Media Data Filter

Prior to this, Simplify360 had an automated tag which grouped social updates based on pre-defined logic. There were 4 such tags available – Advertisement, Feedback, Complaints and Questions. Though this was great for users, it still lacked custom tags creation. But now, you can.

Understanding Automated Tagging of Simplify360  

User can define their own tags by providing simple combination of words and phrases or complex regular expressions. User can even define a color code for the tag.

User can use Simplify360’s intuitive console to check your expressions and verify it. User can provide a sample text and check if the expression highlights the required combination of words.

User can also use Simplify360’s message filter to slice the collected data and experiment with different expressions. This saves a lot of time because it allows users to quickly find out what kind of conversations are there and what kinds of expressions needs to be created for the purpose.

User can also use complex expressions to fine tune the filtered data. There are some guidelines provided in the tool, else user can request for extra help from Simplify360 team of analyst.

All the created tags are present in one place for user to manage them. User can choose an option to either view the filtered data in trend line graph or just in message filter sections.

User can view the trends in the filter and view the message by clicking on the data points, right from the dashboard.

We believe that this new enhancement in the buzz filter will highly enhance the experience of the user and add huge value to the total social media monitoring project.

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