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 The Easy Way to Reach Your Target Customers

The Easy Way to Reach Your Target Customers

If you are a marketer, you sure have been overdosed with the three terms: segmenting, targeting and positioning. However niche this may sound but focusing on these three pointers can be of great help to reduce the amounts of money you waste while advertising your brand. This only means that the better you target your communication, greater will be your positive results.

flowchart segmentSource: CQ Strategic Marketing

The process includes few simple steps:

  1. Research your target audience
  2. Identify their expectations from your brand
  3. What is your competitor doing?
  4. Present your audience with what they want to see and when they want to see it.

The points mentioned above might seem very simple but, the same might not be true when we delve deep into each concept. Finding out where your hidden audience is and how they would like to be approached might take a long time. It not just requires a dedicated research team but also tools that can help you track your audience’s taste faster.
How to do it?
Keep the research mode on
Social Media research provides insights about the people and the conversations involving your brand name. However, if you are wondering how you are going to measure such huge volume of data, do not fret! Researching about your target audience has become simpler in today’s date. Due to the conception of various tools, which help collect more detailed information, faster and with much ease, you can stay updated about your customers. Simplify360 is one such tool which features an interactive dashboard allowing you to measure what when and where your brand have been spoken about. That’s not all. This tool also allows you to measure the sentiment of comments, assigns tasks to customer support teams, sets reminders for you and more. Isn’t that cool!
Follow, Follow, Follow
Want to track your audience down? Since you are the one who knows your brand in and out, you are the best person to decide which the keywords that relate to your brand are, the groups that you need to join, the conversations that you need to follow and the posts that you need to make. Be sure to keep your social media channels and your knowledge bank updated to be a part of the conversations that matter. The best way to find your audience and keep an eye on what they talk about you as well as your competitors is to be where they are.
A review site, Facebook pages, innumerable tweets, Instaimages/videos and more – here is your audience. With today’s generation going all over social media to discuss every trivial issue in a larger way, it is quite easy to figure out where you are being spoken about. Isn’t it good news that nothing really stays a secret any more!
And Hit It!
Wait for the right time, collect your best weapons and hit the bull’s eye! Now that you have all the information at your disposal and you also know what your competitors are up to, it is right time to form your brilliant strategy. Select your target audience, measure their likes and dislikes, for your advertising agenda accordingly and throw it out in the open. Oh! Don’t forget, you got to do it better than your competitors.

deploying-social-media-for-brand-storytelling-customer-engagement-18-638Source: WCG, Slideshare

Targeting the emotions always work, so don’t forget to keep track of people’s sentiments and play well to turn the negatives into positive.