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 Don't be boring, be awesome instead!

Don't be boring, be awesome instead!

child-yawningWhat makes someone a boring person?
Is it the attitude, the behavior, the style, well; maybe it’s just the way one carries himself.  B-o-r-i-n-g, a six lettered word is something nobody ever wants to be on purpose. Boring is someone or something which is not interesting.
Well none of us are born boring! Remember the time we were little kids and we used to be surrounded by people most of the time, cuddling us, talking to us, and entertaining us. We might not have enjoyed all of it but we used to get a lot of attention. The reasons for this could be many but there was one common thing, we used to be very enthusiastic about listening and telling stories. We used to share stories with each other, tell others about what we are doing, listen to what they are doing, what we want to do, what we want to have, what we would like to get from others, all sorts of stories; and many a time we used to even create stories and tell; bluff around but we were always in touch, in connection with everyone around.
As we grow old, we develop a particular area of interest and also a defined circle of people we like to hang around with. We limit our contact with the world to a very large extent. We learn to stay focused and concentrate on our goals or our objectives and hence stop taking interest in other aspects. We become so engrossed with our work life, our family, our friend circle or even our lifestyle that we hardly manage time for something new.
This can be only made right by being a child again, by starting to listen to others like we used to do a as child.
This is applicable to business as well. We need to remember that our colleagues, our clients, our partners are humans first. Professionalism and being formal is great, but greatest and long lasting relationships are built only when you connect on a more human- an emotional level. Henry Ford once said “A Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.

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