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 Deepika Padukone's "My Choice" gets Roasted on Social Media

Deepika Padukone's "My Choice" gets Roasted on Social Media

After all the open letters sent out by an “n” number of people via various social media platforms, Vogue comes forward to create a huge buzz around freedom of women. What better than using the most famous face from the Bollywood industry to speak out a few powerful words and rightly Deepika Padukone hits the nail. Creating a video, strong enough to arouse the emotional side of people is what works best in terms of gaining publicity. This video, indeed aroused a number of emotions; some reacted with anger, some with supporting applause and many criticizing.
In fact, this video generated responses not just in words but instigated the male population to generate a video which spoke about their choices, and that video went equally viral!
Here’s a picture of how people expressed themselves on social media about the video:

Deepika Padukone infographic2