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 How Cadbury Ad Will Help Local Retailers & SMBs This Diwali

How Cadbury Ad Will Help Local Retailers & SMBs This Diwali

Cadbury has never failed to impress people! And the past few years, Cadbury is getting closer to our hearts by standing with us during unprecedented scenarios!


You sure would remember when Cadbury thanked the unsung Covid warriors by coming up with a customized “Thank You” wrapper in eight official languages!

Cadbury Thank You Message

That’s not the only scenario where Cadbury swept us off! 


Last Diwali, Cadbury stood with local small businesses with its “Not Just a Cadbury Ad” campaign. And this really helped small businesses last year and people loved the idea so much, especially for Cadbury being more than just a chocolate company!


Here’s how it worked!


Cadbury manually created a database with information about the local retailers and SMBs across India and mapped them to the pin code of the region.


Based on this, hundreds of the same version of localized ads were created for businesses from multiple categories.


These Geo-targeted ads were designed to serve different ads to people viewing from different geographic regions in the country.


So, when a person from Delhi views the ad, local stores near were displayed on the ad. And when a person from Mumbai saw the ad, it was different. This helped people recognize the local stores near them and motivated them to make purchases, ensuring a Happy Diwali for everyone!

So, that’s how Cadbury stood for local retailers and SMBs during last year’s Diwali. And this year, they decided to bring it back again, but on a whole new level!

Not Just a Cadbury Ad With Shahrukh Khan - 2021

Getting to the point! This year, you can now have Shahrukh Khan as your Brand Ambassador!


Yes, you heard that right!


Cadbury has used Machine Learning & AI to recreate Shahrukh Khan’s face and voice, making multiple businesses get featured in the ad.

You can watch the full video here.


So, when a person from a particular location is viewing the advertisement, he/she will be looking at ads featured with small businesses surrounding their location.


Here’s the special part! Cadbury understood that not all businesses could be covered/featured by them and decided to give access to everyone. This means you can now make your own advertisement video where Shahrukh Khan would be promoting your business!


And guess what, businesses can even download the video and share it on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more without any copyright violations.


Cool, right? Let’s look at how this can be done!

Steps to Make Your Own Not Just a Cadbury Advertisement Video

Steps to Create Cadbury Ad Video

Step 1: Head to This is the website Cadbury exclusively created to help local stores create ads.


Step 2: The next step is the location part. Your location gets automatically detected – you don’t have to worry about fetching your location.


Step 3: Once done choosing your location, select the category of your business from the drop-down menu available.


Step 4: This is the final step. You’d have to enter basic information like Name, WhatsApp Number, Email ID and Age.


Step 5: When you are done filling out the specifics, click the “Get My Personalized Video” button to get your own Not Just a Cadbury Ad video.


Sounds simple, right? It actually is!


Once you click the final CTA button, you’ll see an estimate as to how long it will take for your video to be created. When done, you’ll get a link on the WhatsApp number you just gave to download the video.


What’s great is, Cadbury allows you to create an unlimited number of videos using the same WhatsApp number! This should come in handy if you’re someone who runs multiple businesses or you want to create a video for your friends or family.


So, that’s how you create a Shahrukh Khan featuring ad for your business. Who would have thought that a small business could make Shahrukh Khan their brand ambassador (at least in this way)?


Well, businesses should thank Cadbury for making this happen! That said, let’s wait and watch how creative Cadbury is getting next year!


And if you’re reading this, you can be a part of Cadbury’s initiative as well! Sharing or promoting this read on your social platforms can help a local business somewhere out there! After all, it’s Diwali and everyone deserves some happiness!


We’ve done our part! What about you?