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 Boost your marketing efforts using Social Media Data

Boost your marketing efforts using Social Media Data

Use Social Media Data Usefully

Any data in this world is useless and meaningless unless you know it is genuine, reliable and accurate!

Are you collecting silos of social media data which is not adding any value to your business?
It is high time you stop collecting all the data at your reach. If you really want to boost your marketing with social media, here is what you require:

Social Connections: Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections. Having thousands of followers is not what you should be counting on. You need to have quality followers relevant to your business.
Pageviews: Social pageviews are similar to website pageviews. Only that here you get the number of views to your Facebook fan page. These pageviews  are more valuable than website pageviews.
Video/Slideshare/Scribd views: Keep checking the number of views and downloads of your videos and documents in sites like Youtube, Slideshare and Scribd.
Engagement Rate: This is one of the key aspects that determines whether your audience is really liking your social media activities or not. It gives you number of likes, comments and shares from your fans in a particular period of time.
Click Rate: If your post or tweet has a link (a bitly, tinyurl, link) inside it, you can always track the number of clicks a particular link has got.
People who are talking: When your fans or audience is talking about your Facebook post, you can know the exact count of how many people are talking about it.
Retweets: You can track the number of retweets with tools available on the internet. This rate determines the relevancy of your tweets to your audience.
Last but not the least…
Track the returns on social media efforts: By creating a dashboard, you can measure the metrics daily or weekly.
Social media data can also mean the information or data that is procured through social media channels. And getting that data is a tough task unless and until you establish yourself as a brand in the social web. However, once you get all this data, you can do numerous things to increase your bottom line. You need to use this data in the best possible way to add value to your brand. Here are a few things what you can do with such valuable data:

  • You can send targeted email campaigns based on your social media data. You can send segmented campaigns to twitter followers, facebook fans, etc. without sending the same to everyone on your mailing list. The campaign can also be drilled down by categorizing it based on demographics like gender, age, preferences, etc.
  • Having social media can give you access to know which contacts in your list are highly influential i.e. who have huge number of followers or fans. Based on such information, you can send them requests to them make your offers or sale go viral on the social web.
  • Social media data might usually contain personal information. However, avoid mentioning about it as they wouldn’t feel secure when marketers mention about personal stuff.

Now you know what you can do with all the social media metrics you get and the social media data that is collected. However, do not misuse the data that is available through social media channels.

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