American TV Show 'Mad Men' Receives Great Appreciation on Social Media

“Mad Men” one of the famous American Period Drama, has been a favorite among the US viewers since a long time now. With the advent of social media,this amazing show has also been able to adapt well to the change. This has not just increased the shows visibility but also made it more popular among a wider audience. Now, the popularity of the show is not limited to only the US but is also a celebrated show in various other parts of the world.
The social media likes, mentions and counts is the proof for all the glamour this show has stolen of late. With its latest release, the show has already garnered a whooping 41K mentions in just a matter of 30 days. Although the show has more than 50 percent visibility in the US, the other nations such as UK, Spain, Canada and more have not stayed behind.
Take a look at the infograph below to get a better idea of how this show fares on various social media channels.
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