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 5 Things about social media analytics everyone thinks are true

5 Things about social media analytics everyone thinks are true

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1. The data capture is everything- With million and millions of data production every minute, data visualization and utilization becomes very difficult. You might be using one of the best tools in the market but it would be of no value if you aren’t analyzing enough to understand what the numbers mean. In fact, capturing data is not a difficult job but measuring the impact is.
2. Social media analytics cannot predict ground reality- Social media integration has become an indispensable parameter in our lives. Every news, every incident that happens offline drives at least some amount of conversations on social media too.
At Simplify360, time and again we have proven that social media analysis is almost 80% close to what happens on ground. One classic example would be our Indian elections 2014 prediction through social media data analysis. You can check the complete report here.
3. Social media analytics is not related to content marketing-Your piece of content could be a driver to a website’s traffic, although it may not generate enough engagement. This may be because the content is such which is not engagement oriented but traffic oriented. Whatever be it you are on the gainer’s side.
4. All Social media analytics tools are the same- Wake up, because it is not so. Just as there are different varieties of pizza, there are different types of social media analytics tools and no matter what there will be differences between them- in terms of usability, functions and features. You need to choose one that fits in your requirements.
5. Data always speaks- Another common mistake is to think that all data makes sense. The web is flooded with tons of junk and spams. You need to filter to listen and analyze only the relevant ones.

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