5 Keys to Exceptional Social CRM by E Commerce Companies

Did you know that most people opt for a brand because of its name and the kind of products it sells but most people leave a brand because of bad customer service?
The demand for E-commerce is on a constant rise and almost every day a new website is launched to fulfil the ever-growing needs of customers. This only means that the online world is turning into a complete fish-market, where nobody has time for any nonsense! With zero tolerance levels setting into the minds of your customers, it is necessary that brands do not make them wait long before they respond to queries and complaints.
What is even more important is that, the bigger brands have set the customer service standards high and to push that boundary further, e commerce companies need to do things better. While online is the most happening topic of conversation in today’s date, it is necessary to understand whether it is being positively spoken about or the opposite.
All e-commerce companies are in a rat race. Everyone is trying to grab the best service trophy by providing on time delivery, in fact even single day delivery or delivery within a few hours, by improving packaging standards, by allowing flexibility of time and place of delivery, trial before accepting delivery, and more! This list is pretty long, but this list has also added to the type of complaints customers are making through various channels. Social media complaints is on a constant rise, for the same reason that people do not like to wait and nobody has time for nonsense!
This growing E commerce market has made it necessary for companies to hold on to their existing customers before they shift to another brand. Here are a few ways to do the same:
1. Offer multi channel customer support:
While keeping the brand statement across channels is important, it is also important to provide consistent support via multiple channels, namely e mails, social media (multiple platforms), telephone.
For example if a customer has complained on Twitter and received a speedy first response, they also expect to be reached over telephone with the same speed.
2. Listen and Empathize:
People are bored of automated and robotic responses; they need to be addressed with a more human tone. Customers constantly judge and base their buying decisions based on the kind of customer service they receive.
For example a conversation which starts with a salutation and ends with the name of the executive often tends to work better, compared to those which simply through a automated response.
3. Increase awareness:
If a brand is looking at establishing a great connection with their customers, staying aware of what they are talking about the brand is important. Listening to social media conversations can be helpful.
Customers notice the effort brands make. Listening to conversations also help in reducing time wasted while understanding the problem.
4. Increase Sales:
According to a research conducted by RightNow, 86% of customers are ready to pay 25% extra on their purchases at the cost of great customer service. In fact another research report revealed that Indians were ready to spend over 22% to get better customer service from a brand.
This is only an indication of the fact that if a brand provides prompt and timely customer service, they can increase their sale considerably. Considering the fact that word of mouth is a big influencer for online shoppers and maximum online shopping happens through mobiles and tablets, it is only advisable that brands deliver great customer service through social media.
5. On time response:
Most companies today have mastered the art of providing speedy first response using a social CRM tool, which contracts mentions about the brand and allocates them to CRM executives.
However, not many companies realize that the customer satisfaction process does not end there. In fact providing complete resolution to the problems is what led to good word of mouth. If the case is closed without any resolution, it might lead to an influx of angry messages all over again.