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 5 Alternatives to Facebook Marketing

5 Alternatives to Facebook Marketing

Facebook just recently announced that it would kill organic reach for brand’s Facebook Pages, starting as early as January. This means that now there’s only one real way to reach the many people who like your Facebook page, which is to pay for an ad.  This move heralded Facebook entry into main media, much like television or radio, where no brand is allowed to have a presence without at first dishing out a few dollars.
As Content Marketing Agencies all across the world are cast into chaos and disarray, we decided to sit back and look on the bright side. Sure, what Facebook are doing is far far from ideal but it is only a part, albeit a large one of the endless sea of data that is the Internet. Several other platforms do exist, some which still remain relatively untapped with regards to Content Marketing. With some creativity, innovation and desire, this incident can eventually be put down to nothing but a mere blip in the Internet Revolution.
Here are a few alternatives to Facebook Marketing that you should really try:
instagram logo1. Instagram: Is your Target Audience relatively young? If so, Facebook is the least of your worries. Instagram is the go-to platform to reach people aged 25. Ever since Instagram exploded in the year 2013, it has left most of its competitors lying in it’s wake.
Here are a few things that makes Instagram oh so special:
It’s OPEN. Unlike Facebook where reaching your TG requires a lot more work, Instagram is a vast playground where you are free to interact with your audience via comments and likes.
1. People on Instagram suffer from Obsessive Hashtag Usage Disorder (OHUD- It’s actually a thing.) which is perfect for you. You can   more easily track targeted users that are already talking about your brand, product or even the industry.
2. Posts are feed listed in chronological order . This makes all your posts visible.
3. Statistically, brand engagement is dramatically higher on Instagram than Facebook and Twitter
2. LinkedIn: In today’s day and age, it really makes no sense when your content is not reaching the right kind of audience.  In the year to come , Connection based Marketing is going to take importance of the highest order. Considering the parameters, what better place to start than Linkedin?  With over 300 million plus users–LinkedIn is fast becoming that place where you go to get some serious work done.
3. Youtube: Honestly, you’d rather watch something over reading pages of it. Youtube Content Marketing is so big in the West, that companies have spawned from the proverbial ooze to manage Youtube talent. B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, B2B Marketing via B2C Marketing (Van Damme’s Volvo Advertisement) ; It’s all there. YouTubers seemed to have adopted the policy of “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend” in order to create “a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.” This is the proverbial goldmine that we’re sitting on unknowingly. With Youtube paying you $7 per every 100 views, this is the most profitable venue yet. Strike whilst the iron is hot.
4. Snapchat: Snapchat has quickly moved far beyond its early reputation as just another inappropriate app and has become a handy tool for brands looking to capture consumers’ ever waning attention spans, fulfill image-driven content cravings, and leave them wanting more.
After all, over 350 million snaps are now shared on the platform each day, which is on par with Facebook’s daily uploads. Brands that jumped on board early are already reaping the benefits. Organizations such as WWF, Taco Bell and even Heineken have run Snapchat campaigns to great success.
Vine Icon5. Vine: What am I going to do with a six second app? Actually, you’d surprised at how much you can do under six seconds.  While content creation, particularly video production, one must command a considerable amount of resources. However, that’s far from the case with               Vine.
The service is structured around a low-tech approach, making the barrier to entry almost nonexistent. As a result, Vine is perfect for attracting, collecting, and displaying user-generated content. With brands such as Airbnb, Adidas, Honda, Target and many more exploiting it for good measure, Vines have the potential to deliver so much more in such a short span of time.
And there you have it. 6 Alternatives that make Facebook Content Marketing look like a flash in the pan. Dominos have even launched a successful Tinder Content Marketing Campaign, an area no one would have ever dreamed of exploring. The possibilities are endless.You just need to know where to look and what it is that you’re looking for.