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 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Be On Pinterest

4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Be On Pinterest

1. Pinterest reduces the sales life-cycle time: Pinterest is the only social media networking site that reduces the sales cycle by cutting down on the steps between discovery and conversion. Especially when we are talking about B2C i.e. Business to Consumer marketing, it helps in converting deals faster. The price of the product is available on the picture; the consumer likes it they buy it. It is just a one-step go. No other social media network offers such conversions.
2. Pinterest Drives traffic to websites: Pinterest is the only site in the recent history that managed to get 10 million unique views. If you are a company aiming fuel you’re marketing with relevant traffic to your website, Pinterest is your piece of cake. Pinterest is one great site that increases gives back links to the website which gets in more traffic and corresponding SEO ranking. Though Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks preceded it, Pinterest was the best social media tool that drove traffic is a great way.
3. Engagement is insanely crazy: Engagement happening through Pinterest is insanely too high. Facebook and Twitter have the metrics to show engagement; but when compared with the Pinterest numbers, the social media networks are nowhere near its engagement levels. The reason for this might be due to the wide array of users who are not usually bothered about the numbers. All they want is to share information and they do it just to meet the purpose. Anything that does not involve too much of salesy content will be liked by people.
4. Know what your customers like: Pinterest is all about interests. Based on the pins or the boards that customers or prospects like and follow, the interests could be easily gauged. There are many consumers that have found companies they would buy from and businesses that they could partner with on Pinterest.
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