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17% of Social Conversation on Airlines is Negative – Simplify360 Research

Bangalore, India – 3rd August, 2012: Airlines industry has a bad reputation in general, and averages 17% of negative conversation on Social Media. This is higher than the overall market average, which stands at 5.72%.

The finding came in a research done by Simplify360, leading Social Media Monitoring and Research Firm.

Five major carriers were considered for the research, which includes Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Tiger Airways, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airlines. Among the five, Tiger Airways is the most loved with 14% negative conversations and Lufthansa is the most hated with 21% conversations.

Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, Youtube, Flickr and Discussions Forums were considered for the research, and they were tracked for 25 days between 1st and 27th July, 2012.

In terms of overall buzz, Lufthansa lead with 36% of the share of voice; Singapore Airlines came second with 24% followed by Cathay Pacific at 19%.

Regarding the research, Simplify360 CMO Deep Sherchan says, “People expect premium service from Airlines as the premium feel has not lost its relevance from people’s mind. They tend to complain every bit of smaller issues. The experience shared by most people is either worst or the best.”

“The research shows strong need for companies to take Social Media seriously, and hire agencies for online reputation management. Without which, the damage that it can done is huge.”

On looking at the report Simplify360 CEO Bhupendra Khanal says, “I am not at all surprised. People have complains for Airline carriers. A huge enterprise is likely to have smaller shortfalls. Social Media can actually be used to find those issues early and work to fix it.”

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