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Servicing Customers Socially

Google Business Reviews

Capture and engage with integrated customer feedback to drive today and build tomorrow!

Organizing and formalizing the feedback for dealerships countrywide is one of the toughest challenges faced by an auto OEM today.

Simplify360 not only enabled us to achieve review feedback monitoring and insights for 980 dealers but have also allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently respond to end customers thereby improving our brand image.

Google Business Reviews @ Simplify360

  • Capture valuable feedback and fire up your biggest fans.
  • Track local subsidiaries/partners/dealerships by various segmentation types.
  • Leverage machine learning to understand customer reviews in 50+ languages.
  • Respond better, faster and with unparalleled workflows.
  • More Features:


    Integrated Review Monitoring

  • Capture Cross Channel Reviews from Facebook and Google Business Reviews

  • Role based and custom dashboards for multi geo/cross functional teams
  • Automated & SLA Based Review Responses

  • SLA based routing engine

  • Track and manage every single review posted

  • Move customers from detractors to advocates
  • Review Generation & Widgets

  • Use our cross channel features to also drive non detractors to review

  • Embed widgets to showcase the success of local businesses (ex: local store reviews/dealerships etc)