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Servicing Customers Socially

Digital Media Agencies

Agencies need a 360° brand-centric framework to capitalize on social conversations.

Gauge brand marketing performance metrics and derive insightful reports around the buzz and activity on social media.

Make more data determined decisions with


Brands today are more “data driven” than ever before and are constantly making more intelligent business decisions.

74% marketers across the globe are using next generation digital and media tracking tools.

Traditional tools only allow 60% of total brand management. With Simplify360, you can add those missing 40% components.

With advanced technology integration and real-time data analysis, keep an eye on your performance metrics.

Measure brand performance with


Track social conversations across channels to identify negative sentiment around brands and extract periodic brand performance metrics and make well informed suggestions around newer branding strategies.

Extract conversations from across channels through easy API accesses to all social media platforms.

Never miss out on any conversation around the brand to avoid crisis situations and maintain a positive brand representation.

Stay aware about competitor performance and incorporate necessary changes in their future campaigns.

Manage your Client's Social Profiles in One place


Get a comprehensive view of fan engagement from multiple social platforms in a single view and engage with the audience faster and better.

Create automated workflows to assign incoming customer queries, complaints and feedbacks to various team members.

Generate insightful reports to measure performance of your brand marketing activities and team performance.

Identify key metrics of Social CRM, such as FRT, TAT and more, to measure your performance and benchmark against your goal requirements.

Drive intelligent business decisions with


Simplify360’s advanced monitoring and analytics technology powers the command center assisting to track conversations around brands and their competition.

We also provide customized dashboards, reporting templates designed specifically to cater to various business problems.

Dynamic dashboards can be installed in the rooms of top management to gain instant access to live data around your brand.

Research teams can access all the analytics and data for generating insightful reports driving better business decisions.

Agency Partnership Models


White-label Partnership

Use your brand label to sell our product.

Reseller Partnership

You sell the product for us and we give you a handsome cut.

Direct Sell Partnership

Buy our product and use it to impress your clients.

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