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Seamlessly Monitor, Manage, Automate Responses to Online Reviews with our Review Management Platform

Never miss an online review anymore. Our AI-powered online review management platform can help you automate upto 90% review responses. Manage reviews across channels from one place. SimplyReviews is easy to use, powerful and smarter than you think!

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SimplyReviews - Your Go-to Online Review Management Tool

Today, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And you need to manage your online reviews effectively to uphold your brand’s online reputation! Ratings and reviews software is a must for your Marketing Stack.

SimplyReviews online review management platform allows you to track, manage and respond to online reviews from various platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Amazon and other review aggregators – all from one place! Also, you can manage eCommerce reviews, App reviews (iOS & Android), Location reviews and more.

Review Management Platform Features

An Omnichannel Review Software with Powerful Features

We know how important review management is. And that’s why we’ve made sure that SimplyReviews is power-packed and has everything you need to manage your online reviews. You not only get in-depth analytics & insights on our Review Dashboard but also know who your competitors are and how they are performing against you!

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Location Review Management

Manage your reviews based on specific locations. Whether it’s from a specific region or specific branch locations, do it all with SimplyReviews. View metrics and ratings for specific locations and regions as well!

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Customer Sentiment Analysis

Track your customers’ sentiment with our ReviewAssist AI Engine. Auto-sentiment tagging makes it super easy for your support team to respond to reviews by eliminating hours of manual tagging.

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CSAT Scores

Know what your customers feel about your brand. SimplyReviews aggregates customer ratings across all your review platforms and gives you a comprehensive CSAT score. Stay in the know and make informed business decisions.

Trusted by 5000+ Brands Across the Globe

Review Management Platform that Tracks Anything & Everything

Monitor & Respond to Reviews Across Platforms. Build Trust & Drive 10X Sales

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Boost your online presence and local SEO by taking care of your location reviews. Manage location reviews on platforms like Facebook, Google (GMB), Zomato, TripAdvisor, Yelp and more!
Location review management
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Android? iOS? We have got you covered! Increase downloads and visibility of your Apps by managing and monitoring App reviews on both platforms. Get comprehensive insights with competitor benchmarking.

App Review Management Tool
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Track & monitor your brand and competitor SKUs using SimplyCommerce – supports popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay! You can also add any custom eCommerce website.
E-Commerce review management

Location Reviews

Boost your online presence and local SEO by taking care of your location reviews. Manage location reviews on platforms like Facebook, Google (GMB), Zomato, TripAdvisor, Yelp and more!

Location review management

App Reviews

Android? iOS? We have got you covered! Increase downloads and visibility of your Apps by managing and monitoring App reviews on both platforms. Get comprehensive insights with competitor bench marking.

App Review Management Tool

E-Commerce Reviews

Track & monitor your brand and competitor SKUs using SimplyCommerce – supports popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay! You can also add any custom eCommerce website.

E-Commerce review management

Manage Online Reviews In Autopilot Mode

Monitoring, tracking and responding to reviews manually can be a huge challenge, especially if your brand has a huge audience base. And we, as a business, know how difficult it is. But luckily, with SimplyReviews online review management software, you can automate everything!

Auto-route reviews into different queues based on sentiment, nature of issues and store location.

Auto-respond to reviews across using our AI embedded Review Assist™ based on sentiment.

Make use of the workflow to automate responses to reviews - from the beginning to the end.

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Online Review Management

Review Alerts Based on Ticket Type

Not all reviews are the same. Some might be good. Some might be bad. And some might need immediate attention to prevent a large-scale PR crisis. With SimplyReviews, you can seamlessly manage reviews based on their nature and escalate them!

Escalate reviews and set alerts based on issues, rating and sentiment. Also, decide to which agent the review should be escalated based on its nature.

Auto-prioritize review alerts based on both sentiment and rating. Role-based alerts ensure that branch managers of individual store locations stay in the loop as well.

Receive emails and SMS alerts for urgent priority cases - helps you solve issues that need immediate attention.

Trigger Automatic Customer Surveys

Let your customers know you care about their opinion - shows care and builds trust to a great extent. Send automatic survey forms to your customers and know what they feel about your business. With Simplify360 you can,

Customize surveys based on products, services, the customer experience factor and more.

Send surveys across all channels or specific channels - it’s totally up to you.

Monitor and measure your CSAT scores on all or specific platforms.

Automatic customer survey
Grow With SimplyReviews. Manage Reviews Seamlessly Anytime. Anyday.
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Get the much-needed insights you need to make better decisions across all platforms – in-depth data-driven dashboards give you insights across locations, roles and geographies. Get an understanding of how your competitors are performing with Competitor Review Benchmarking. Use reviews to know how your customers feel about your business and shift phases accordingly.

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Cut down on cost & effort with automated responses to reviews based on sentiment. Use our ReviewAssist™ AI system and reply automatically to queries based on query types. Let your customer support team concentrate on more complex issues and deliver personalized responses to reviews.

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With powerful insights and automation in place to manage online reviews, you can grow your business seamlessly! Respond to reviews automatically across platforms, keep an eye on competitor activities and monitor insights continuously – our experts will help you tweak your strategy.

Why Choose Simplify360’s Review Management Platform?

Now, that’s a question! 97% of customers check reviews before purchasing a product and it’s high time you start managing your online reviews. We’ve helped 2000+ businesses manage their online reviews with our AI-powered online review management platform. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Simplify360!

Years of Experience

We’ve been helping brands and businesses deliver great customer experiences for the past 9+ years with robust solutions. And there’s a whole lot of innovations in the pipeline as well!

Continuous Innovation

We make sure all our products stay the best in the industry. We continuously innovate and look for opportunities to make our solutions better, the best!

5000+ Clients Across the Globe

The number says it all! We have 5000+ clients who trust us and have been traveling with us for years now! You’re one step away from becoming one of our valued clients!

Dedicated Customer Support

Our 24x7 support team stays dedicated and committed to your success. Whether it’s the onboarding process or any other queries, reach out to our support team any time for quick turnarounds!


Leverage an intelligent and integrated solution for the lowest cost to own, along with a free trial period! And that's not all. We helped our client bring down the overall operational cost per resolution by 40%!

Easy Onboarding & Deployment

With Simplify360, you get a dedicated account manager who helps you throughout the entire onboarding process. You can seamlessly integrate existing and new workflows onto our AI-powered platform.

Here is what our customers say about us!

We found an able and committed partner in Simplify 360, who worked with us to develop real-time listening, integrated the multiple channels into a singular customer redressal interface and improved our first response time by integrating Whatsapp as a communication channel in our customer service.

In an ever-changing world of social media customer service, Simplify360’s omnichannel message first, scalable platform with optimization features has allowed Xiaomi to hit the ground running and has helped improve our efficiency and scale of operations.

Simplify360 not only enabled us to achieve review feedback monitoring and insights for 980 dealers, but have also allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently respond to end customers thereby improving our brand image.

Partnering with Simplify360 helped us integrate all our support channels into a single omnichannel unified inbox and enabled us to streamline our customer service processes. We recommend Simplify360 for its efficiency, flexibility, and personalized support. The software is a great enabler to our capabilities.

We manage over 50 channels for customer support, and with Simplify360, it has become effortless to manage all our channels from one place. They provided a streamlined queue management system, so the right customer issues are handled instantly by the right team. Simplify360 is also efficient in supporting our day-to-day operations like reporting and escalations.

We've met every goal that we have set out to accomplish, Simplify360 is great with presenting us with new ideas and initiatives to continue to set ourselves apart from our competition. Their omnichannel platform has helped us manage our clients ORM activities seamlessly and has given them a leg up from their competition with comprehensive Social Listening and analytics capabilities.

A great and easy-to-use support platform! We’ve been using Simplify360 for almost two years now and our team totally loves the experience. We integrated all our support channels in one place and this helped us bring down our First Response Time by approximately 90%. This is exactly the result we were looking forward to and Simplify360 helped us achieve that.

We have been using Simplify360 for a couple of months now and we are already seeing the difference. Our ORM team can respond to customers across different channels from one single dashboard using the omnichannel Unibox resulting in quicker resolutions. We look forward to working with Simplify360 in the future and continue to improve our customer service standards.

Customer support was always a top priority at Nykaa. Our growing consumer base demanded we find modern support solutions. That’s when we partnered with Simplify360. Now, our support is pretty much streamlined. Our agents handle 50,000+ tickets per month and we were able to integrate all our support channels, automate responses and do more. Simplify360 is definitely working out great for us!

Simplify360 has got an amazing support team. We really loved how helpful & supportive they were at all instances. About the platform, it’s user-friendly, easy to set up, comes with accurate data dashboards and most helpful in managing chats & reviews across social channels from one place. We were able to provide our client excellent ORM services, thanks to Simplify360!

For a company like us, it is crucial for us to be present on, and monitor multiple channels to engage with our customers actively. Initially, we started using Simplify360 to integrate and manage our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts in one place. Our support team was able to cut through the noise, monitor and respond to over 5000+ tickets seamlessly. Now, we also handle our emails and Playstore reviews with Simplify360. The difference it has made for us is excellent and their support team is simply the best.

As an insurance company, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide superior customer experiences across channels. With Simplify360’s omni-channel inbox we have been able to deliver great CX across social media, PR and app reviews - improving response times, implementing best practices and improving brand sentiment. We also get actionable insights on brand performance, customer satisfaction, agent performance, competitor benchmarking, and much more. We are excited to continue our constant endeavor of customer delight with Simplify360 as our partner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Online review management is the process of tracking, monitoring and responding to all your customer reviews across all platforms. Today, online review management is crucial as they play a huge role in your brand’s online presence.
    Tracking and responding to online reviews can be a huge task when you do it manually. With a review management software in place, you can easily manage your online reviews. Today’s review management platforms are so advanced that you can easily automate responses to reviews.
    There are lots of review management softwares available today. However, you should choose a review management platform that’s easy to use, power-packed and has all the features to manage your online reviews. SimplyReviews is an ideal review management software you should consider using.

    Our Review management helped our last client save 33% man hours in the last month alone.
    To know more, talk to our experts today!